Still Married While Hoping to Divorce

He sits, dreaming that one day he will be free of a wife younger than him yet old enough to know better.  The woman is intelligent, able to see through his mid-life challenges, while sick and tired of dealing with his disrespect.  He desires something a little less smart, a lot younger, and one who fits into a world he most likely once to re-live--the days of high school crushes, irresponsibility, and fun.

But he's married...

Did I say he is married?

He tells the young woman, who makes his heart sing, "I'm married but..."  This should be the end, but for many age-gap relationships, it is not the end.  He promises divorce, says that he isn't in love with the wife, and paints a wonderful picture of what the future might look like with his young princess.

What do you think the young woman might do?

Fall for it.

Nicholl McGuire

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