What's There Not to Love About Dating Older, Dating Younger?

What's there not to love about dating older men or dating younger women?  Plenty, depending on who you ask and what has been one's dating experience has been like over the years.  From immaturity to boredom, there are turn-offs about dating anyone older or younger.  Therefore, you must be willing to pick out what you are capable of putting up with and what is most certainly a deal-breaker.

My name is Nicholl, the creator of this site, and I can tell you that for years I have been exposed to older men very interested in dating younger women.  I have personally dated my share of older men as well and married two (one I am still with to date).  But as I began to exit my energetic 20s and entered into my insightful 30s, what I thought I liked about dating older men had changed and what I thought they liked about me had changed too.

You see, the more you date, the more you learn about the manipulators, liars, pimps, players, and others who have far too many personality disorders to count amongst the good guys who just want to make you happy.  As a young woman, you find yourself having to put up with some old fools, for a time, because you got yourself in a situation or two that you can't immediately exit without some degree of difficulty.  Then, as you mature, you realize some older men just aren't as fond of you as you might think or portray.  You discover they have been with so many women physically over their years, in addition to grappling with one or two mentally, that their mental capacity for dealing with yet another new face is overloaded.  You discover that some (of course not all) mature men aren't really thinking or believing in long-term relationships anymore.

There is plenty not to love about dating someone younger who is immature, unstable, and still angry with dad, her last boyfriend, and everyone else in between.  Further, one just might find that his young date may be a disappointing "all show, but no go."  The same holds true for the older man who naively thinks that simply decorating himself up with some nice clothes and "smell good" while filling his pockets with some cash is all that it takes to keep a young woman interested.  This tactic doesn't work for the wise young ladies on the dating scene.  They are going to eventually request more time, affection, attention, and love and when the old player doesn't deliver, it is on with the next one.  The young lady will be looking to exit the relationship sooner rather than later.

Take the time to list everything you don't like about dating someone older or younger and then ask yourself, "What am I willing to tolerate?"  Taking this moment to reflect just might help you be more selective when it comes to dating older men or younger women in the future.

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