Being In Love or Like? There is a Difference

Sometimes when one is dating, he or she forgets that every emotion that is experienced is not love.  It doesn't matter how old you are, there should be someone to speak aloud in your circle, "Hey, you just met the girl, slow down...Seriously honey, you don't even know this man!" loved ones will say.  This is a good think, don't take offense.

Those of us who remember being in love, know that the feeling lasts at least six months.  You can't eat or sleep without the one you love.  You plan for the future ie.) marriage.  You show this special person off even to your enemies.  You share just about everything with this person including your drinking glass--you just love them!  But when you are in like, you don't really care whether they come or go.  You definitely aren't planning any future and you aren't much interested in showing this person off especially around family.  You will even think twice about letting their lips touch anything you eat or drink, "I don't know where her/his lips have been?" you think.

So the next time someone or even yourself teases, "You're in love..." Know the difference.

Nicholl McGuire 

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