Annoying Things Between Couples with Age Differences

If you didn't like your young date's annoying favorite song the other day, chances are many in your age group don't like it either.  If you have an old guy who is a worry wart and reminds you of a protective father, most likely their are many young ladies in similar relationships who feel the same way.

There are annoying things that arise in May-December relationships that can be a tad bit bothersome or so bad to the point that you just want to end it all.  But before you do some thing that you might later regret, think about some alternative ways to deal with those irritating issues.

Annoying music

Different generations, sometimes enjoy listening to different music genres--nothing wrong with that.  So if your young partner's music is like nails on a chalkboard to you, then give your date some quality earphones and a player for all his or her favorite music while explaining how you feel.  If you are in the car, you might not have any choice but deal with it unless your date doesn't mind using the ear phones for the trip.  But family areas of one's home should be restricted especially when one needs some peace and quiet.  It wouldn't be nice or respectful to play annoying music in the bedroom or in the living room loudly particularly when someone has indicated they simply don't like it, but selfish people will do just that.

Terrible tasting food

Sorry, but everyone just can't cook.  What some might think is their signature dish could be making a date sick.  If there has been repeated disinterest in your cooking or your partner's, make every effort to keep uncomfortable cooking situations at bay, get a professional to prepare it.

Electronic gadget fiddling

If he's not clicking the television remote, she is clicking away at her phone.  The couple may leave little free time to enjoy one another.  If the electronic use is really getting to you, try not using it during the times when you both would like to spend some quality time.

Different bed times

She might be a night owl and he might be an early riser or vice versa.  The difference in bed schedule can really get next to you, so it would make sense to talk and make necessary adjustments.

Appearance/Style of dress

It may bother a mature man dating a young woman who dressed stylish and conservative at least in the beginning of the relationship, but now she wants to look more like a teenager.  The young woman may hate the way her older guy dresses whether to old or way too young.  But whatever the issue with appearance, it can grate on one's nerves particularly when a date is starting to lose interest in his or her mate.  In the best interest of the relationship, listen to your partner, if nothing more.  If the requests are ridiculous, seem very controlling, and you actually look worse than better, there may be some issues that your partner is having that go beyond the surface of just suggesting something that looks better on you.

Tradition versus non-tradition

Not everyone is into the holidays, family meals, holiday church attendance, and Christmas songs,  when a partner has shared in a nice way or less nice and more emotional about not liking the traditional family get-togethers for one reason or another.  Take heed.  If you love tradition, go by yourself, who cares what they say.  If your partner is more interested in peace and quiet around holiday time, respect his or her wishes.  Holiday time is stressful enough without the added pressure of "Let's go to moms for Thanksgiving!" (sigh)

The previous mentioned irritation just skim the surface of grievances couples have when there is an age difference.  Of course, not every couple goes through these things and many couples who are close in age have problems, but the key is to address each concern, reach a compromise, and leave the yelling, slamming doors, and silent treatment out of the relationship if you claim to care and love a partner so much!

Nicholl McGuire, see other work by this author here.

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