When the Relationship is Coming to an End: Things the Young Woman Might Do

Some young women just can't handle rejection from older men especially those who have been taken care of by a Sugar Daddy type.  Like men, they too will do things to try to save their pride particularly if they aren't ready for a break up.   Getting a partner's attention is one of the most popular things an immature, young woman will do even after the older gentleman has said, "It's over!"

Dress provocatively.

She attempts to win him back in her arms by making herself even more appealing and sexy.  She thinks that if she can get him back in the bed, he will change his mind about her and the relationship.  It may sound silly, even strange, that she would put herself out like that, but this is what some young women will do.

Change her appearance.

Now for some women, rather than use her sex appeal to charm her former partner back into her arms again, she will do some things like change her hairstyle, color, or other things that either send a bold statement or a subtle one like, "See, what you are missing!  I will be fine without you.  I am focused on me.  I am a new and improved me, thanks to you!"


The tears flow every time you come around or call her.  She is pulling on your heart strings.  She wants "things to get better...I still love you...I really want this to work..."


She may use a happy countenance as a lure to get her older partner to pay her attention.  She figures that if she is jovial and fun to be around he won't mind being in her presence and will forget about breaking up with her.

Buy gifts.

Gift-giving works for the man who doesn't have much, but for the established man, not so much.  Yet, the young woman will try to win his affections by buying her man something she thinks he will really like in the hopes of getting back in his good graces!

Here are other things she might do to halt a breakup:

Pop over his house unannounced.

Do outlandish things like send a naked photo of herself or show up naked.

Act insecure and jealous especially when he mentions talking to other women whether they are family or not.

Pick fights.

Dress half-naked or wear very tight clothes around his friends while making conversation possibly exchanging phone numbers.

Threaten to expose her lover's secrets or share details of their relationship with others.

Yell/scream, in other words, make a scene in a public place.

Do drugs or drink heavily before meeting her former lover.

Talk about committing suicide.

Use pregnancy as a good reason for the two of them to work things out.  She may be pregnant, she may not be.  Go to doctor's visits with her to be sure--don't take a sonogram photo as proof alone and get a DNA test as soon as possible.

When a woman uses many of these tactics to keep a man, you have to wonder how stable is her mindset during a tough time.  Some women just are too fragile mentally to deal with breaking up, but staying with them knowing full well you no longer like, trust, or want to be around them is not good either.  Unfortunately, verbal and physical abuse will fester and may even become so bad that one might lose his or her freedom!  When the writing is on the wall that your soon-to-be ex-girlfriend is acting out of her mind, be sure to use the full extent of the law to keep you safe and anyone else you might be dating in the future.

Nicholl McGuire author of Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate.


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