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We have been blogging since 2007!  It feels good knowing that people are reading and obtaining a bit of wisdom, humor, and dating tips when it comes to finding and keeping a great companion.

So what is a blog entry without sharing more tips on dating older and younger?

If you are ready and willing to make changes when your own efforts have failed, then you are more likely to act on the tips this blog provides you.  People who have quality relationships are those who are open to accepting their mate's frailties and able to see their own personal flaws. 

When seeking that special someone or maintaining one's current relationship,
one knows that he or she can't afford to be too picky.  A lover enjoys a mate's company and isn't concerned about things like what his or her eyebrows look like and how the person laughs.  Instead of focusing on the little things that might annoy others, the lover focuses on everything that makes him or her feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Love prevails even when one is dating older or younger.  Age doesn't matter when one is sold out and in love with a mate!  So for those who just don't get it, it isn't for you to "get it," just be positive and hope that the energy of a fresh romance rekindles a stale one!

In closing, be free to love a person in a way that you always wanted!  Sure, there are many voices that want to help you solve your dilemmas, better you, and so on, but what really matters is what you want so take what you learn and make it your own!  So enjoy the blog, there is more to come!

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