7 Dating Tips for Older Men Meeting Young Women for the First Time

So you are excited about meeting your new date offline?  Your first meeting will be great if you just remember to relax, don't take yourself too seriously, and use your manners.  Now here are some other tips you might not have thought about.

One. Have a plan, a back up plan, and another plan on where you are taking your date.

First dates are the memorable ones, so you will want to work out a great plan. Interview her on what she might like to do, see and eat on the first date. Mention your interests. Find places that will meet both your needs. Have alternative plans that are near the area just in case an unforeseen circumstance takes place. But whatever you do, don’t wander aimlessly around looking for a place to go. Research the area before you arrive. If you can visit the community before you get there, do it. Google the location and check reviews. If one spot doesn’t work out, check out the next, and the next when all else fails, park in a nice spot and just talk until you can figure out where to go next. Keep your cool.

Two. Save money to be spent on your dating experience.

Don’t count on your date to have much. Young mothers with children don’t typically have a lot of money put aside for dating. A young woman in college maybe barely making ends meet. Just because she may be living independently or with parents, doesn’t mean she is able to afford an expensive outing with someone she is still getting to know. So avoid the temptation to ask her to split the bill, drive her car, or pay for gas. If you can’t afford to make a good impression, put it off. Remember the old adage, a first impression is a lasting one--don’t blow it!

Three. If things should go wrong, don’t lie or make lame excuses.

You spent too much time looking at yourself in the mirror, you fell asleep and forgot about the date, someone came over and you left late, whatever the reason, don’t focus on what you did wrong by lying, covering up, or exaggerating, apologize and then get right to making wrongs right. “Let me make this up to you, could I interest you in…would you like…I would love to help you with…” Statements like these sound much better than, “I didn’t think it was a good time to meet, but I know you wanted…You could have called me, you’re lucky I’m here…Everyone is always bothering me at the last minute, I would have been here sooner, but…” So is she going to have to feel your tension all evening?

Four. Look your best, be prepared to take a photo with her.

Skipping anything that you typically do to make yourself handsome can be detrimental when on a first date. When that special someone has seen you looking your best in many of your photos, she doesn’t want to suddenly see the gray-bearded guy who once had a black beard in all his photographs or the guy with the flat stomach suddenly have one now that he isn’t wearing a certain garment, shirt, or suit coat. The first photo is just as important as the first date, so be sure you have everything trimmed, colored, or whatever else it is that you do to look good.

Five. Be kind and respectful.

It is very easy to be yourself to the point that it turns a date off. Be yourself, but within reason. Don’t act overly macho, young and silly, or crazy and critical just because she shared a story once of a cool guy who saved her family or some funny guys back in high school. Most young women want what the older ones want, a polite man who is a good listener and sincerely cares about her.

Six Avoid the temptation of expecting her to have sex with you.

Just because you both were talking hot and heavy on the phone the other night, doesn’t mean that she is going to have sex with you. You never know what has transpired since the two of you last talked. So if she doesn’t bring it up, don’t say anything, but gently let her know with a flirty glance, “I wouldn’t mind.” From religious conviction to a menstrual cycle, many factors come into play when a woman just doesn’t seem interested in being intimate. Besides, you shouldn’t want a woman who is all-too-willing to get in bed with you without so much as thinking about a commitment.

Seven. Don’t assume that she wants to go out with you again.

Some men believe that they are a catch and that every woman should be honored to be in their presence. However, there is always one, two, three or more women who rather be anywhere then with an unattractive boring guy, a miserable man, a control freak, or crazy nut. Be sure that none of these descriptions fit you. Young women might be open to try something new for a time, but then when things get weird, they will gradually back off.

Taking the needed time to prepare for a date will not only make her feel comfortable, but you will feel good knowing that no matter what happens, you did your best. To your success!

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