Why Some Young Classy Women Won't Date Older Men Again

For some young women, they have already experienced dating older men and prefer not to do it again for a number of reasons.  Some of which are obvious and others not so much. 

An older man who is pushy about getting a young, classy woman to date him isn't always going to win in the end, if anything, he just might prove a negative viewpoint or two that a bitter young woman has about him.  So when an older man sees the writing on the wall, "She's not interested," keep it moving!

1.  She no longer finds dating older men interesting.

Maybe it was at one time fun for her, but as she grows older she realizes that dating a man simply for curiousity sake and what he can do for her is simply not right or good enough.  She desires more for herself.

2.  She is not attracted to the way men double, even triple her age, looks.

At one point, she could look past the gray hairs, age marks, and wrinkles, but now she prefers to look at someone with less flaws.

3.  She is doing quite well in life without an older man.

When she was struggling, she didn't mind having an older man or two around, but now that she is doing well, she is fine without them.

4.  She finally started listening to family and friends about not dating mature men.

Her loved ones told her that she shouldn't be dating older men and what if she wants a family one day.  They convinced her that she was "classy, better, smarter, more active than her old boyfriends, have years of growth and opportunity while they will settle down and one day die..."and whatever else they said to her to cause her to lose interest in older men.

5.  She has been burned far too many times to keep taking chances dating older men.

From young guys to old ones, she has just grown weary of drama and would prefer to stop dating awhile.  But when she returns to the scene, she rather take her chances with someone her own age with less issues.

6.  She feels like they want to dominate her--keep her in the house.

After having been watched and guarded like an animal, a young woman wants to be free of some older men's strict ways and control.  Despite not all mature men being this way, she doesn't want to risk her freedom being with the insecure, jealous type yet again.

7.  She finds most mature men boring, not on her level spiritually, physically and or mentally.

A man with a lot of unresolved issues will negatively impact a young woman who is positive and happy about life.  Some young women just lose interest in men (young or old) that retard their growth in becoming a strong, independent woman that they want to be.

Mature men, when you specifically know why a younger woman might not be interested in you any longer, you use what you know, and work hard to be more attractive to other young women who just might be willing to date you.  Don't pursue young women who have made it plain, "I don't like you."  Even if you are a success at winning her to you, it doesn't mean that she will remain with you for all the right reasons.  You just might be a temporary fix for her until someone better comes along. 

Step back from your conquests for a time and ask yourself the following:  Do you find that you are overbearing, suffocating, or seek to dominate young women?  What have they said about you in anger?  Have you taken care of your past business with other partners or are you still somehow connected to them?  Are you the type who likes to play mind games with young women rather than take them seriously?  Is there something about the way you look, talk, or dress that turns women off?

Until an older man can honestly look at his flaws, he will not find a young partner suitable for him that would be willing to stay in his life while being that sweetheart he so desires. 

Take care of your issues--whatever they might be before thinking about dating a classy young lady.

Nicholl McGuire

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