Lies of the Broke, Busted and Disgusted: The So-Called Rich Older Man

A gorgeous young woman and an older, (not-so attractive) possibly rich, man strike up a conversation. 

The young woman tosses back her hair and finds the older man funny, unique, she likes what she hears. As for the older man, he likes what he sees.  For weeks, the two exchange laughs and eventually numbers.  As their friendship grows, the older man shares details about his successes in life and future plans to relocate, buy a bigger house, and share his wealth with someone special.  Music to the potential sweetheart's ears whose eyes seek gold.  The gullible woman, who doesn't have much experience dating men young or old, believes almost everything the so-called well-to-do businessman says--that is until she notices the older man's present life isn't necessarily reflecting all the riches and glories he talks about.

The supposedly rich man's wallet is often empty.  His clothes a bit worn and his shoes don't shine.  He rarely goes anywhere, but home after work and even his work hours aren't always consistent.  Car trouble is frequent and sometimes the rich man's cell phone number is off, yet the young woman doesn't think too much about it.   She shakes off those little details, because "they don't mean anything, there are plenty of men that don't dress up and don't carry cash--no big deal," she convinces herself.  But stories aren't adding up and witnesses don't believe the hype, yet she continues to have faith in her rich, old friend.

This observant young woman's concerns begin to increase.  Puzzled by her braggart rich guy, the recent college graduate starts to question his lifestyle.  Feeling like he might lose his friendship with the nice young lady who is so very helpful to him, the old man has to embellish a few stories, so he starts talking about "When I get my money from an investment I made some years back, I will do for you...When I receive my settlement check from...I will help you....If everything goes well with this upcoming deal, I will share some money with you..."  So the starry-eyed young female perks up and waits and waits and waits for the manipulative older man to make good on his promises.  But nothing happens.

Some of you men and women reading this may have experienced something like the previous story or you heard about someone in a situation like this.  It is sad to say the least.  A lonely, desperate man who doesn't want a lovely lady to slip through his hands will say just about anything to keep her near.  Meanwhile, the vibrant young woman will put off the fact that she isn't the least bit attracted to the poor man posing as a rich man, but his promises of a financially secure future sound good to her ears.  When she begins to experience jilted feelings, especially after giving her sexy body to a man who should have never laid eyes on it, she starts looking visibly irritated with him whenever he comes around, and she just might argue with him about almost anything.  The frustration of "...not having," "...putting up with," and "What more can I take from this man?" types of emotions begin to drive the bitter woman crazy.  She yells out one day, "I thought you said you would help me with..."  The once charming man worried that he might have to defend himself from his girlfriend's flailing arms, yells back,  "I told you I would help you, now stop talking about it!  And besides you need to be patient, because I really don't have to give you anything!"  Uh oh, this old man better run for the door!  Weeks and weeks of hoping, wishing, and waiting on something based on promises from an older person, the young woman becomes increasingly disrespectful.  She begins to think, "How might I get rid of this nusiance that is doing nothing more than bringing me down?  I have a life to live!  I am still young, I don't need this old loser!" 

Unlike the young woman in that story, a discerning youthful woman won't fall for such traps set by sneaky, lustful, old, poor men.  Rather than entertain them, she tells herself, "They are too old for me.  I don't want anything to do with old men."  She most likely has been schooled by old players on the games that some of these foolish men play to get between her legs.  Side note:  If you are a father, are you teaching your daughter on the pros and cons of dating older men? 

Both rich and poor men lie.  But a poor man who plans to capitalize off a young woman who can barely keep a savings account is pathetic!  And a young woman who holds on to a broke, unattractive old man she could care less about in the hopes that he will bless her bank account is equally pathetic!  There is no love between these two no matter what they say and who knows them, both are using one another until one day one or both of them wake up to the truth.

"So you were never getting any money, were you, old man?"
"No, I'm sorry."
"I knew you were lying to me!  Why do I always fall for your type?"
"Oh, stop it!  You never loved me anyway, little girl."

Nope, she never did.  Rather, she was in love with his promise and he was in lust with her beauty.

Nicholl McGuire

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