5 Younger Women Woes

So what exactly goes through a mind of a young woman with a bright future ahead of her?  A lot!  She wants it all!  A life of happiness, joy, love, and money.  But all too often, her dreams are dashed by a bad breakup, an unexpected pregnancy, student loan debt, and unresolved issues with parents.  Oh yes, there is much to be expected when dating a young woman who is seemingly intelligent with a job and a couple of hobbies for her mental release.

Young women have their share of concerns like an older man, and their issues are not all heartfelt, deep, and mysterious.

1.  She is concerned about her looks and sometimes worry about what she will look like when she gets older.

From makeup to clothes, even if she isn't drop-deap gorgeous and high maintenance, she is interested in self improvement.  She wants nice things and she doesn't want to feel guilty or angry at her partner about buying them either.  Most likely, she has been told, "You won't be young forever!"

2.  She cares immensely for family and friends (that is if certain ones haven't been that bad.)  When she wants to talk to and see her loved ones, she will go to great lengths to do just that even complaining on the way to her parent's home.  But if they have treated her or others wrongly often, she has little, if any, time for them or her partner's people.

3.  She desires a relationship and possibly children one day, but she doesn't want to be pressured into having or not having them by a certain age.  If she is still very much concerned about her looks and personal needs, why would she want to make a conscientious sacrifice to have children because someone else wants them?  One way an independent woman, who is energetic, people-loving, and career-driven will settle with a husband and have children in her twenties, is if she slips on the birth control.  And if this happens, be prepared for a myriad of emotions (happy, sad, depressed, angry, insensitive, rude, impatient, etc.)  Most young women don't want to settle down before they are ready. (See When Mothers Cry

4.  She hopes to have enough money to maintain a decent living, so she isn't happy until she finds that her career choice is paying off and she has some help that will make her life easier.

If a young woman has settled in the past with someone who was more of a burden than a blessing, she will most likely avoid being in a relationship with someone who wants her to abandon her career while he saves money toward his future.

5.  She has no need for religion in good times, but when in bad, she looks for the nearest church, relative or friend to help her through challenging times.

Most young women are not diehard believers in any faith.  They know of a Creator or choose not to believe in one; but rather look to themselves for answers.  But when things go wrong, lots of things, these women will run to people, who they feel like they can trust, to help them make sense of challenging times.  Some will become overzealous at first, but gradually die down when they first join a group.  Others will move on to something else if they can't experience the peace they have hoped for.  While others will become bitter if they have been mistreated in anyway by faith leaders and their members and may become easily offended and argumentative if one attempts to share his or her beliefs.

Of course, there are more younger women woes, but these are the common ones that tend to show up in various conversations, on tee-shirts in slogans or pictures, in magazines that she reads and movies that she watches, and wall hangings--Beauty, Friendship, Romance, Money, and Faith--if you can touch her soul and lifestyle, you just might have a friend for life!

Nicholl McGuire  is the author of When Mothers Cry, a book for people interested in reading about the challenges of motherhood and how to solve some dilemmas when it comes to relationships, parenting, grandparents, in-laws, and more.

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