Tricks are for Kids: Silly, Smart Women

Watch enough reality shows, celebrity award programs, movies, and other so-called award-winning productions and you will find many, many silly women and men.  But for purposes of this blog entry, I will be focusing on silly, smart women that draw our attention.

Whether she is a celebrity or someone you know from work, these silly, smart women are the ones who do and say things that are selfish, but guise their deeds up with "helping, encouraging...loving Jesus..." and more.  They dress younger than their age.  Talk in ways that make you think you are speaking with a child, rather than an adult.  Shop for things in stores that would typically excite children, not women.  Many have been abused as a child and many more know how to change from one personality to the next especially when feeling threatened or controlled in a relationship. 

You may have heard of a celebrity or two acting silly.  Some purposely act silly; however, there is absolutely nothing juvenile about them, but in order to make a living, there are those women who act immature.  Sometimes a parent/relative/manager/lover encouraged them to act in stupid ways and rewarded them for it.  Meanwhile, you may have said to yourself, "What is with this woman?  What exactly do you call helping others when she is dancing around half dressed looking like a Barbie, acting like a fool in movies, and supporting all things immoral, childish and downright stupid?"  But silly, smart women know how to draw you in.  You may have thought wisely for a moment, yet if that beautiful or not-so attractive woman with a great body is in your presence, you would most likely look for something about her you admire and forget about her immaturity or silly act.  Before long, you would be opening your wallet or your arms up to her.

Silly, smart women know how to draw, not only men to them, but women too.  They need to establish trust with everyone they encounter.  They desire friends in order to accomplish their goals.  For some silly, smart women they talk childish, act silly for a time while waiting for the opportunity to get their needs met--whatever that might be.

Being a stingy, grumpy, evil S.O.B. who thinks he knows it all is not going to help most older men who think they can outsmart silly, attractive women.  Some men are simply suckers for charm, beauty and immaturity.  The best thing a mature man can do to protect himself from the silly actress or childish younger woman is to not entertain her--ignore her.  She can be as smart as a Bill Gates, but with silly attached to her list of attributes isn't a good thing, no matter how much you reason it's okay--maybe for the younger silly man, but not for someone who is supposed to be wise and mature.
We all know when someone calls us, "silly" for doing something, that isn't a compliment.  Silly people, things and places mean childish, boy and girl behaviors not grown men and women.   If you are a Bible reader you know that your Creator wants you to put off childish ways.  Men are called to grow up!  But it's hard to see that when you see far too much media celebrating silly behavior both on and offline.   Unless you are just as silly as an immature woman, if not worse, your relationship just might have it's share of challenges.  Sooner or later you will be calling her a name or two for her child-like behaviors.

Men who are accused of being too serious, dull, boring and even mean-spirited because they don't know how to "lighten up" and take one day at a time (with a smile on their faces) will find it difficult dating most younger women who are in their early 20s attending college or working with children.

Immature men, silly ones, are not going to be a good match for a younger woman who is often serious and finds laughing difficult, but tend to get along well with immature women for a time.  But two silly adults can drive one another crazy especially when one is ready to act more adult while the other doesn't want to grow up.

But silly, smart women and men both have a common plan and that is to use their immaturity to get what they want, when they want it.  Many aren't interested in anything long term.  Most are more concerned about how dating one who is older is going to make them look.  If he is rich, he is a catch.  A poor older man is no better than a young, poor man.  Knowing these things, be cautious of that one who you are quick to label silly, keep in mind, she just might be smart too.  Unfortunately,  many men will be hurt because they didn't see through the act.

Nicholl McGuire


Ashamed to Date Older Men, Younger Women

It started off as a good idea, there was one, then two, maybe three older dates or younger ones in the past.  But then, the feelings of shame, regret and other emotions started to grow and they wouldn't leave while some dated those half their age or older/younger.  So he stopped dating youthful women and she stopped dating older.

Some of you reading this, may have had similar experiences dating older or younger and you have your share of regrets.  But lately, you may have thought about doing it again.  Be sure, be really sure this time!  Hearts get broken so easily, time and money get wasted and in the end you find yourself back at square one (sigh).  Like an interracial, same sex, mixed religious or political party relationship, the challenges will be there, yet love must conquer all!

There is a certain degree of shame that one might experience being with someone older or younger especially when appearances are a dead give away.  Passerbyers will let their thoughts show up on faces that are not in agreement.  Uncomfortable feelings will surface as you look at that younger or older partner standing, sitting or walking next to you.  But one must fight those emotions if he or she wants to remain in a relationship. 

The mature man isn't going to be as attractive as the younger men a woman might have dated the older he gets. And she isn't going to stay young and vibrant forever.  Whatever the issue, just know that your date is a human being with feelings that grow like flowers--not a mindless sexy character on the Internet or in a video game. 

If you are sincerely ready to date younger or older again, then know what is ahead and how you will respond to those trials, but tell yourself, "Running is not an option unless we simply have nothing in common."  Otherwise, enjoy your new friend no matter the age and be open to love and change!

Nicholl McGuire author Laboring to Love Myself.


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