Most Older Men Don't Want the Younger Woman, He Just Likes to Flirt

Can you tell the difference between an older man who is simply flirting with no strings attached and one who is very interested in dating a younger woman?  Some women can't tell while some men couldn't care less--that is unless the young woman is his daughter.  There are those young women who falsely assume that any man who visits the drive thru window at a fast food restaurant one too many times in a day to order something with a smile on their faces are interested in them.  Others worry that certain men who talk or laugh too long would like to date.  The thought for some young women never crosses their mind, the mature man has someone already and is just being nice.

When one is desperate for attention, believes that she can gain something (for nothing) or hopes to find that partner to complete her through a moment of laughter and a wink, she appears weak and silly.  Some men like to travel the same route everyday going to and from work, eat at the same restaurant, or shop at the same store.  Their frequent visits doesn't always mean he wants the young woman taking his order or ringing the cash register even though their are some men who do these things hoping to make a connection.

A young woman, who mistakes a friendly exchange as something more, might flirt with the mature man, inquire about his personal life, or assume that he might be "the one."  Some men, who don't clearly draw the line, will fall for that young woman and eventually destroy their families.  So much lost all because a series of friendly encounters grew into a temptation with dire consequences.

Young women as well as older men must pay attention to what signs they might be sending to one another.  Mature unavailable men, consider changing up routines when you see that certain women are beginning to act in ways that say, "I'm interested."  Single young women, be mindful of that flirtacious male's wedding band, photographs, the children riding in his car, the presence of a woman now and then walking or riding with him, or references he makes about "my wife...my family...my girlfriend."  Put yourself in his shoes, would you break up your family for a lover?

Nicholl McGuire author of When Mothers Cry

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