Faith & Relationship: Does it Really Matter?

Anyone who has ever been introduced to the God of the Holy Bible or some other faith knows that you have made a life decision to walk a spiritual path.  There is no way that you can date someone, grow closer then think that your faith will have zero impact on your relationship.

If you are one who is still married, but separated, you know that dating someone whether younger, older or in between wouldn't be wise.  At some point in the relationship, your mate is going to want something long lasting with you.  What are you going to tell this person?  "Sure, I want that too, but I'm still married..."  That response will set your intimate relationship so far back that it might not even work out.  What bible-believing young woman or older man is going to stay in love with a person who is still trying to sort out whether or not he or she wants to let go of his or her past, much less want to be married in the future?

It also isn't wise to date any one just because you are lonely.  Spiritual believers who seek relationships are looking for more than just companionship.  Eventually, someone who is really interested in a commitment is going to want to merge names, households, and bodies together in the name of whatever God or gods he or she believes in.

When one is interested in dating one or many people, he or she must realize that someone out there is going to take his or her faith seriously and this person will expect you to live up to your beliefs.  In other words, if you claim to be a believer, you will walk the walk.

Of course, there are those daters who are adulterers, fornicators, backsliders and more who claim they, "Love the Lord...attend church, pray, fast, and read the Bible" but the truth is that God is so removed from their lives because they are living in sin.  These people have double-minds, unstable and desire to appease their flesh, more than their spirits.  Their faith just isn't as important as one might think.  In time, truth is revealed and that young woman or older man who had once been hoodwinked will slowly or rapidly realize that this person is no fit in his or her life.  In a situation like this, age has nothing to do with it, but deceit, backward talk regarding one's faith, and other spiritual revelation has separated the couple.

When a man has reached maturity, he will not pretend to be something he is not.  If he isn't walking with Jesus or some other spiritual being, he will just speak truth.  When a mature, young woman is not interested in a faith, she will just say so.  But immature, immoral and ignorant people will play mind games.  They will act in ways that will tell an observer, "Now this one is nothing more than a hypocrite!"  If the person dating the backslider or unbeliever doesn't see it, the person's family will see the deceitful person a mile away and warn their beloved relative to "leave him alone...he is not right for you...she is an immoral woman...she is immature, silly."

Sometimes it is best just to listen to those people who are dedicated to their faith and wise.  They can help you weed out the good from the bad during your dating phase.  Hopefully, in time, you will meet someone who shares the same faith as you do!  It is a beautiful thing to be with someone who loves your God like you do!

Nicholl McGuire
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