Lies Young Women Believe from Older Men

I was shocked when I saw this phrase come up in the search engines while I was looking for something else, "lies young women believe." Now why would anyone be looking this up unless of course they planned on telling a few lies to get in a few young girls pants, hmm?! Dirty old men!

So what do you have to do young ladies? Be one step ahead of the game. I know that men stand back and watch and learn about us so that they know how to play the game, but the key is to present everything out on the table and that eliminates the need to play games.

Do you want an older man for just sex? Yes or no. If you answered yes, then tell him that. If your answer is no, then he needs to know that especially if you have other reasons for befriending him. Maybe you are a young woman trying to escape your strict parents, if so, not a good idea to run into the arms of an older man, even though he would be more than glad to accommodate you, but you want to be more than a man's sex toy now don't you?

Naive women believe all sorts of lies! They believe a man when he says, "I love you" especially after a good sexual release. They believe him when he says, "You are the only one for me" even though another woman's voice was heard via the cell phone saying, "See you later, Sexy!" They believe a man if he says, "I was working late, honestly" but every time you try to reach him hours after the workday is over you can't get him!

As much as you want to believe that man you find yourself falling in love, please do fact check ladies! That's right, make his so-called smart self THINK you believe him. There is nothing wrong with double-checking what anyone says. Chances are after you are finished reading this, you will double-check with someone to see if what I have told you is good information or not, so do the same with that man who promises you everything!

Mature men have been walking this planet for a long while and some of these young women, who think they know-it-all and no one can tell them anything, believe they can walk circles around them. Don't be so sure! You just might be the one being left broken-hearted with egg on your face!

At least in the beginning of your romance, have fun and enjoy what he has to offer, but when things like, "Let's move in together. Let's get married. Let's have a baby. Let me meet your parents..." come up, you better be fact-finding what is on this man's mind including performing a background check on his "too good to be true" butt!

Your older man may be having some things on his mind that he isn't letting you in on at least not yet. He may feel pressured to get married and have children, because all his buddies have all done it, his mother is a Christian, his dad wants grand-kids, or his emotions are temporarily going haywire!

Know what you are getting yourself into before you stop taking birth control, packing your bags to move in with him and more. Have a deep conversation with yourself and learn how to strategically play the game of life, like chess, anticipate your opponent's every move. Trust me, he is doing it with you!

Nicholl McGuire

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