When Young Women Love Older Men

There are older women in circles right now discussing why men in their age group go for younger women. They are usually angry, jealous, and bitter about the fact because they know that once they reach a certain age the pickings for men get a lot slimmer. This is why some older women will
not move on or be content being alone. They will hold on to their unavailable ex, date a player, put up with a drunk, and use drugs with an addict or anything else just because they are so desperate to keep a man even when he doesn't want them anymore. So when a younger woman comes along and the older man divorces his wife for her, cheats on his older girlfriend for her or does something else to be with her, some of these older women act like old fools!

The younger woman isn't to blame in most cases unless she deliberately went after an unavailable, happily married man. However, usually these older men are unhappily married, living separate from their wives, divorced, or dating other women but just haven't found one to date exclusively yet. Whatever his issue, his wife's issue or his ex's issue, the point is the young woman has now fallen in love with him.

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What does she feel when she is in love with her older man? What does her action or inaction in the relationship with him look like? Let's answer these questions.

Since every woman is different it's hard to provide specific details as to how she feels about him, but there are some basic things to look out for if you intend to make the relationship a happy one. Because she is younger, she doesn't usually have as much life experience as you. Depending on her age, she may have just moved out of mommy and daddy's home and is beginning to start a life of her own free of authority figures. So if you come along and try to tell her how to live her life like a parent, then she can very easily fall out of love or lust with you and the idea of ever dating a man older. She will then settle with someone closer to her age. However, if you act more like a friend and encourage her to live independently and enjoy her life, then she will eventually find her way to you because you are not stifling her from being the kind of woman she is destined to be.

Some younger women fall deeply in love with older men because her father didn't show her the kind of love she wanted as a child. He may have been absent, physically abusive, or mentally unaware of her existence because he was too busy working. Just imagine, here you are this wonderful, kind older
gentleman with your arms open wide and she will not hesitate to jump in them and look to you to be a father that she never had. Now this isn't always the case, some younger women had great relationships with their dad and wish to be with men who have similar attributes as their father. If their dad was hardworking, took great care of the family, honest, and church-going, then she may expect the same from you. This kind of thinking is not only with young women who date older men but any woman dating any man of any color, age, race, or creed.

When she truly loves her older man she will want to do everything for him and be the kind of woman he adores. This concept is no different if she was with a man the same age or younger. A woman who is treated with respect, admired, loved, and appreciated will react just like a man who feels the same way. She will go out of her way to make him happy when she is in love. However, if she isn't she will grow distant and will start to think of what she may have missed out on by not being with a man her own age. Her family, if they notice that she is not happy in the relationship, will encourage her to break up with the older man and find someone more age appropriate for her. This is why some older, controlling men try to keep the family out of her life because they want to be the only ones who have power over her. Unfortunately, their plan of control usually backfires.  As the young woman ages, she (who was once blind) begins to see and realizes that the older man is just not for her.

Younger women can be a blessing to older men especially when these men reach an age where they can no longer care for themselves. However, they can be a curse to those who mistreated them in their youth.  The older man and younger woman who have a quality relationship will get to experience the joys of life whether emotionally whole or broken, rich or poor, or sick or well.

An older man tends to have the best of both worlds when dealing with a younger woman (that is why his friends tend to envy him and may even hate on his relationship), he can be free to relive his youth again while knowing that if his partner is sincerely in love with him she will see to it that he is taken care of for the rest of his life.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Too Much Too Soon Internet Dating Blues, Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men and She's Crazy.  She also is the owner of Nicholl McGuire Media.

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