Encourage Your Man to Take Care of Himself

He's complaining about his eyesight.  He is often talking about "feeling so tired...and not as energetic as I use to be..."  One day you thought you might have to call an ambulance for him because he just didn't look or act his self.  Caring partners will not only do kind things but express their care by telling one another the difficult truth about what they see and feel in one another.

Your partner might have noticed an increase in symptoms impacting his heart, kidneys or circulation.  What's up with this guy? He has strange feelings in his chest, bathroom issues, and pain in his legs.  On the outside, he looks good, but what is really going on under the hood?  Could he have diabetes?

There is new research out there about diabetes.  You might be familiar with Type 1 or Type 2 and thought, "That is what old people have like my mom and dad."  But there are many people who aren't very old suffering from this disease.  Learn more about diabetes, The New Diabetes Research That Could Change Everything, on the Vitamonk website.


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