Exercise and Health - It Makes a Difference

Take a moment and look around, what do you see on TV screens, social networking sites, on the street, and more?  Other than the attractive men and women, there are many who have let themselves go.  Their faces show that they have been through much.  Past break ups, financial challenges, emotional and/or physical pain, workplace issues, and more.  Where does all the stress go?  It shows up on their bodies.  Exercise and maintaining your health is important especially if you are dating or in a serious relationship with someone.

On another blog, I talked about "Midlife Mean" a stage in men's lives that make them easily angered and mistreat partners.  If one doesn't take care of his self he will be moody.  He also won't make for a good mate/lover/friend and the same is true if you are younger as well. 

Daily exercise such as walking, running, tending to household chores, and more will assist with one's health challenges, but he or she must also be willing to eat healthy too and watch his or her portion sizes and the times one chooses to eat and abstain from food too.  If you are having some health trouble, do take the time to make a doctor's appointment to find out what might be causing your symptoms.

If you have ever felt quite miserable after eating too much or even too little, you may have experienced a fluctuation in your mood, tiredness, irritability, and more.  Staying consistent in your eating and exercise habits as well as taking necessary supplements will uplift you mentally and physically.  Your partner will begin to notice a change in you and most likely will want to do similar things.

Part of having a quality relationship with someone is showing them just how much you love and appreciate them, but you also have to do the same for you too!  Take care of your body and it will take care of you!

Nicholl McGuire

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