Lustful Stares from Older Men

It happens you are the young lady that has captivated the interest of an older man whether he is with a partner or not.  You can see from his lustful staring at your face and/or body that he is interested.  However, do you really want to talk with a man who looks at you like you are a fresh cut of meat?  Here's why men like this are such a turn-off for some young women.

1)  He usually does the same to other young women.

2)  When he is with a partner looking lustfully at other women, it is safe to say he is disrespectful to her as well as other ladies he is around and lacks self-control.

3)  Young women who are busy tending to an errand, focused on getting somewhere, or walking with a partner aren't the least bit interested in an older man who creeps them out with all his staring.

There are other reasons why men like this are better left alone.  Looking at any woman with a lustful look is not only something that might get some old man hurt by her younger partner, father, or brother, but it also says a lot about him, "Keep away."

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men.

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