Active and Inactive Older Men, Younger Women

If you are one who doesn't have much of a lifestyle outside of the workplace, then think twice about involving yourself with an active, fit woman.  She will tire you out!  You will find yourself wanting her to change her activities to suit you.  "When will we get together again?  I was just wondering when you will come back so that we can sit on the couch, stuff our faces, and watch movies together?"  Would you a mere 20 plus want to keep seeing a guy like that?  So what does the active guy got that the inactive guy doesn't?  Energy.  Simply put he does the kind of activities that keep him mentally and physically fulfilled.  When you call this guy he is out in the yard working, on the treadmill, at the mall, helping his parents out, and then he winds down after work.  He doesn't relax before the day even gets started!  But the inactive guy is often pleasuring himself first before he even thinks about tending to something like washing dishes, performing yard work, or shopping.  He puts off much unless he is getting paid for it i.e. he'll show up for work, but then how much work is really doing?

Now if an older man desires to attract and keep a young woman, it would make plenty of sense to do the kind of things that will keep him physically fit.  The secret is many fit young women are not too happy with their overweight partners no matter how much money or time you spend with them.  I have met these women online and a couple have considered dating men who are younger despite being married to older partners.  You see money is great when you have it, but what it can't do is change the mind of someone who is uninterested in dating or remaining in a relationship with someone who has let his or herself go.  Whoever said fat, lazy, and inconsiderate is okay needs their head examined, but so many people want others to accept things in their lifestyles that they can manage.

An active guy who cares about himself as well as others is definitely a good catch and if a woman is like him, the pair just might be great together.  However, when one is not-so active and the other is, there might be challenges such as:

1.  The active partner wants to go places and participate in activities more frequently.
2.  The inactive partner enjoys spending most days parked in front of electronic devices.
3.  The active partner is sociable and has a life outside of work and a relationship.
4.  The inactive partner often complains that he or she isn't getting enough attention.
5.  The fit partner enjoys looking good for self and others.
6.  The not-so fit partner tends to act jealous and/or controlling.  He or she also fear that one's partner will meet someone who is more attractive.

Now some people have their share of personal issues which makes them less active.  Consider the aging process and health challenges for starters.  If a partner's health problems are a concern, one might consider dating people his or her own age, rather than demand a young or older partner to change his or her lifestyle while mistreating him or her.

Nicholl McGuire is the blog owner and the author of Too Much, Too Soon Internet Dating Blues available in print and eBook.

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