Dating Apps and Desperate Singles

Dating apps make it so easy to share anything and everything with someone that you usually don't realize you have been communicating with a stranger until you sit down in his or her presence for awhile like what happened to me. The person has no clue what is your favorite meal, the names of your closest relatives, or what some of your pet-peeves are about restaurants. The uneasy feeling within serves as yet another warning, "Slow down, he/she really doesn't know you that well. Do you really need to connect with this person intimately anytime soon?"
Certain apps restrict the natural process of communication and make seeing one another the priority. Other apps make communication the center of the relationship, but don't do so well when it comes to encouraging an offline connection since there is money to be made online. You are still a human being no matter what technological device is created and you will need to take control over your mind, body and spirit on and offline.

The mood changes between couples as they learn good, bad and ugly things that affect one another. Sometimes conversations are fun, intense, emotional, and quiet. Casting away one's perception, judgmental attitude, and other personal issues is constantly done when attempting to start a new relationship with someone. But going into anything blindly without a moral compass, some boundaries, and other things to keep one out of trouble is sure to lead to a stressful relationship that may end up lasting for years! The following are some things I did to keep some lonely and desperate singles from contacting me anymore having gone through my share of dating challenges:
1. I noted what I wanted and what I wasn't going to put up with sometimes firmly if I felt someone was being pushy.
2. I specifically indicated the kind of person I wanted to meet, but I didn't provide a long list just a general statement. I didn't want someone having so much information that they could magically turn themselves into something just to date me.

3. I didn't say too much about my family and work because I really didn't feel it was necessary in a first email or conversation.
4. I didn't hide my discontent when I was asked to do some things that I didn't want to do.
5. I ended any communication that didn't sit well with me whether playful or not.
Have you ever spoken to someone that is head over heels in love with a partner? Did he or she appear to have a brightened countenance when talking about one's love interest? Did this person act as if everything was right with the world? If so, then you know the love struck lady or guy is not the least bit interested in hearing anything that might sound like a warning or a negative comment about one's lover. Having gone through a previous break up, all most people want to do is focus on the good when it comes to anyone or anything new. What usually occurs is most relatives and friends just let their loved ones learn the hard way.
So a conversation is going great, smiles are beaming, and some relatives and friends might be jealous since their relationships have long lost their shine. The couple is guarded about sharing too much personal information. In time, they spend an increasingly amount of time away from family and friends who once made up a good portion of their time.
"We are so open with one another...We get along so good. He is so great...I love how she expresses herself; she really knows what she wants. I think he gets me," lovers say. Do these statements sound familiar? Now to those who have "been there, done that" their conversations about one another sound sweet, but the reality is in time relationship highs mellow and the lows start to increase. This is why some mature couples won't say too much to those who are "in love," because they know better, things will fizzle and when they do, the gullible will learn the hard way. Time always tells the truth and what was once so special and right about someone ends up not always being so in the short or long term. 
Nicholl McGuire is the author of Too Much Too Soon Internet Dating Blues 


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