Dating Younger Women (Blog) - Does Age Really Matter?

It all depends on who you ask, "Does age really matter?"  For years this blog has shared personal as well as expert opinion about dating older men and younger women.  Well I can certainly tell you that those who scream the loudest that age doesn't matter, at least initially, get a rude awakening as the relationship grows older.  The wider the age gap, the more differences and the more bad news you eventually find out about your older or younger partner.

There simply are things that young women just don't understand or have the mindset to deal with concerning older men.  Take for instance, life experiences and personal health woes, some younger women (not all of course) can't relate to men who are having a mid-life crisis no more than mature women.  Older men have their share of the blues and the only thing that some young women can think of are their own selfish needs being met.

Now what about the older men who are a bit outdated and unwise?  They gravitate to young women in the hopes that they will get sex and a companion.  However, it doesn't work that way in time especially if there is no sincere connection with the young lady.  A number of young women feel doubtful about the May-December relationship and question what really is the older guy's motives for even considering them.  "I'm broke, still learning things about life...why is he really bothering with me when he could be with someone his own age?"  Whatever the reason an older male comes up with to make the inquisitive,young woman feel secure, it isn't good enough.  She most likely will move on sooner or later.

The takeaway is age matters when you give the relationship some time.  You will see and feel the difference.


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