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Time for the Self-Talk - Is this what you really want?

Your parents aren't going to say much else, your friends might question what were you thinking, and you might not know what you are doing, you just like dating your older or younger partner.  But is the relationship what you really want.  Here are some questions to ponder:

1.  Is this a serious relationship for me?  Why or why not?

2.  Is he/she really my type?  If yes, what makes this person compatible?  If not, what are those differences?

3.  What is keeping us interested in one another?  List actions.

4.  Can I picture myself spending the rest of my life with him/her?  Why or why not?

5.  Do I want children with this person?  What are some reasons why you might consider or not?

6.  What can I give her or him?  Think of what you are already doing and what might you still be able to give this person to keep interest and learn more about one another.

7.  What might this person give me?  What could he or she do for you in the future?

Taking a pause and really thinking about your feelings, actions and other things related to a relationship is a helpful exercise.  Before long, you will feel confident knowing you are with the right person during this season in your life.  However, things can change, so ride the waves when they do.  To your success!

Nicholl McGuire is an author, blogger, speaker and virtual assistant.


Serious, Exclusive Relationships

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Power Struggle with a Stubborn, Older Man - Give In or Move On

He may not come right out and tell his dates, "Listen, I am not that guy who is going to go along just to get along.  I am going to raise questions, drag my feet, and do any number of things if I suspect you want me to do something for you, agree to something you say..."  But his actions or inactions in the relationship will one day expose who he really is after his charming demeanor begins to fade.

There is a personal power struggle with some men and they aren't much interested in sitting in the passenger seat, not even for a moment, in a friendship, casual dating arrangement, or serious relationship.  They want to drive everyone and everything from the initial meetings with dates to how things go on in the bedroom.  There is no working together.  This is why many older men are divorced.  They were controlling and still are that way and will never admit to this.  When former wives started objecting to their demands and refused to take their mistreatment whether emotional or violent any longer, they were considered difficult women who didn't love and appreciate them.  These men will do their best to appear like they were victims, but this just isn't the case with most.  They provoked situations with evil looks, wicked statements, cheating, lying, acting cold, distant, and more toward their families and ex-partners started striking back.  But an older man will tell a young woman anything for a good time, sex and a roof over his head if he hasn't accomplished too much in life.

As long as a young lady allows an older, controlling man to dominate the relationship, he might keep her around for awhile.  But this sort of arrangement gets old and sooner or later the young lady will grow weary of the man making all the decisions like where to go, who to see, and so on.  She will become irritated with having to wait for him to be in the mood to do this or that with her, then become further annoyed when he is dictating how long they stay at an event, how much money is spent, where they might move to or stay, etc.  Cohabitate with a stubborn man and before long you are setting up the environment to suit him more-so than yourself.

You can't teach a man who has been with many women in his lifetime too much of anything.  He has seen much, accomplished possibly more or not nearly enough for his age, and now all he wants is a youthful, working companion that looks cute, doesn't talk much, and has more commonalities than differences.  His requests might seem simple enough, but a rigid man is not the least bit easy to get along with if you too are stubborn, controlling and enjoy being the new age, independent type.  One day you will both reach the cross roads in your relationship, either give in or move on.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Laboring to Love Myself and other books.


Immature, Older Men Test Drive Young Women Like Cars - Now What's Wrong with That?

Comparing a woman to a car, eh?  She is bright, shiny, good steering, comfortable seating, fast, good suspension, engine purrs...Wow!  You are saying a lot about yourself when you describe a woman like you do your state of the art vehicle.  What you are really saying is you like an attractive woman, who will have sex quickly, move well in bed, and isn't loud and annoying.  You like her quiet and docile--you can control her like you do your automobile.  Is that too much to ask? 

Now behind closed doors, you just might get away with this sort of mentality with the guys and you might even impress a few niave, silly women who could care less about being compared to a sports car.  However, test driving young women like cars is going to cost you mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Just like a car, sooner or later you and they will break down.  Hurt feelings, broke bank accounts, troubled minds, STDs, unsupportive family members, unwanted children, etc.  Hearts left on the side of the road like bumpers, blown out tires, broken glass, etc.  How much time does one really have to play immature games with immature women?

The truth is men like this don't care about women, rather they enjoy test driving them.  You probably know a few old players in the family.  Young, sexy, and immature women can be fun, exciting, and interesting at first, but in time they get old, unattractive, boring, and oftentimes don't work out, because they realize, "What am I doing with this old guy?" 

Keeping with the cars and women comparison for just a little longer, if you don't get a tune up for an automobile over time, what might happen?  Problems and more problems.  The warning lights inside the dash are clicking on and off and the car is becoming more of an issue than you can handle.  Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that you got something fixed on it?  Like what irresponsible men do with their beloved aging cars, they run their old ladies into the ground and then do the same with young women.

It's unfortunate men and women have to learn the hard way before recognizing that their personal views, when it comes to relationships along with how they treat one another, has a lot to do with why they are often unhappy and unsatisfied.  With each new person that comes into one's life, it becomes increasingly difficult to get needs met.  After awhile one gets exhausted with the mind games and eventually settles down sometimes with a decent human being, but most often with the one you should have, could have stayed away from.

A mature man is called that for a reason, he is no longer like a boy or young man childish in his ways.  However, if he is still thinking of women like cars, it is only a matter of time, that he will trade the poor girl in for a new model.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men and other books.



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