Crazy, Weird, Silly - Don't Settle for Someone You Don't Really Want

When I was younger if a man had a funny looking face, an annoying flaw like a bizarre laugh, or something else I didn't like, I simply didn't make him The Guy.  You know that special one in your life you want to roll around in the bed with or the guy you take home to parents.  As I grew older, I created additional standards for myself and didn't care whether he had a great sports car, a huge home, and a large bank roll, if he wasn't my type, I wasn't letting him see my legs, much less my boobs.

Seriously my friends, stop the settling and this goes for the mature men too.  You want a 10, but yet you go out with a five?  Sooner or later that "okay" looking young lady is going to know you just don't like her much.  What about the smart gal who looks great, but you don't approach her because of whatever insecurities you are grappling with?  So what if she says, "No, I have a boyfriend already."  There are others, many others, who will give you a little bit of this and that if you are honest.

Crazy, weird and silly people are everywhere on and off the Internet and if you don't consider yourself to be one of the three, then why get involved with odd folks?  I don't care how fine the hair, eye color, height, body type is, if I don't want him--I don't want him!  This is a major issue with many singles, divorced, and even unavailable men and women, they either can't connect with good-looking people with a brain between their ears or they settle for what is convenient, nearby, easy, cheap, affordable, etc.  Some daters treat online dating like shopping at Walmart.  "Did the price drop yet...? Oh wow, two for one special.  Is the meat fresh or is it expired?  Where's my coupon?  The store is right by my house.  Is it Black Friday?"  Now for some it just might be "black" Friday, but I digress.  And for others, they are serious about the quality of meat they choose too...anyway, people have feelings, I repeat, people have feelings and there is more to them than their dating preferences, location and age.

So the next time you come across some individuals that really don't impress you, no matter how eager they are to try you like you are a tasty sample at the local Cosco or Sam's Club, politely move on.  Chances are they just want whatever you are putting out anyway--nothing more, nothing less.  But if you want a little more than a one time experience, then be prepared to put your work in and don't settle!

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Say Goodbye to Dad and other books. 

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