Age Gap Dating - When is it a Good Time to Stick with Your Own Age?

You will know when it is a better to remain friendly with someone older or younger when your mind and body are in agreement.  There is just no shaking that feeling that says, "Keep away from them!" 

Many young women may have started off talking about how great their older dates were when things were still new, but in time they begin to realize why the older women wouldn't even look twice at them.  There is always a not-so public reason why an older man is interested in a younger woman and it isn't always good.

Some older men regret meeting their younger dates after a time of spending time with them.  They too come to the realization why the young women prefer dating them; rather than younger, more attractive looking men.  From wanting a place to stay to needing someone in their lives that will make them feel special, some young women's demands are too much to bear for older guys set in their ways.

To date most individuals who are older men or younger ladies requires patience, generosity, sex, and kindness.  Young women are typically more active and talk more than older women.  They also are still trying to figure their lives out so you never know what a day might bring.  Older men tend to have their share of responsibilities as well as health issues, so you never know when those sweet guys will turn sour.

If you know that the idea of being with someone with a significant age gap is going to be a bit of a burden for you, then rather talk yourself into dating the person or allowing him or her to persuade you to continue to date, just say, "No."  When you are not sold out on an idea, it is always best to avoid it.  Otherwise, you will find yourself one day playing the blame game.  Meanwhile, the only one to blame will be yourself for thinking you wanted something that you really didn't from the start.

Nicholl McGuire wrote Laboring to Love Myself, Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate and other books.

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