Is She Really Worth Getting into Trouble?

Some men don't think before they react to a beautiful woman (or possibly young girl) in their presence.  They don't bother to think about the consequences if they should say or do something that could end up putting them in hot water with someone, law enforcement or an angry group.  Not every piece of eye candy is who she says she is.

With so many dating websites and so many liars who create profiles on each, one must be very discerning when it comes to selecting a pretty young companion on or offline.  Most women seeking older men know exactly what they want from them.  They also know what they are willing to give up to get what they want.  However, some will change their minds, pretend as if they don't know what is expected of them, or cry or complain about being taken advantage of.

Being that older men are considered "the mature ones" in a relationship, who should know better, they are expected to conduct themselves accordingly.  Some things to consider before letting one's flesh override good ole' common sense is as follows when it comes to dating younger women.

1.  Think before you speak.  Although this is a simple tip, many men don't exercise caution with their tongues.  If you know you don't really like or care for the young lady, don't tell her so in a mean-spirited way, but you will have to create some distance--stringing her along is a big No, No!  Women can lose their minds if they suspect that they are being played.  If you have no plans on meeting her relatives and friends, then make that plain too, but watch how you say that as well.  This way she is free to make a decision on whether or not she wants to continue to see you.

2.  Never assume she is the age she claims.  Far too many young women know how to dress themselves up like celebrities and do well hiding their age.  Be sure that you not only checked her ID, but got other information about her that proves she is as old as she claims.  Maybe you should meet a friend or two of her's, better safe than sorry later.  Notice how her friends act and what they say, you can tell right away just how old the young person really is. 

3.  Ask about interests whether you care about having a relationship or not with her.  This information is useful, because you want to be sure to have a good time with your companion, but you also want to confirm just how old this young lady really is.

4.  Avoid going anywhere in the public with the young woman until you know for sure all you need to know about who she is, where she is from, how old she is, who she knows, etc.  It's a small world and you don't want to find out one day you are dating a client's daughter, bedding a cousin on your wife's side of the family, or spending money on a love child of yours that you didn't know you had.

Now let's just say you are already in over your head with the young woman.  Maybe you have children with her or possibly married to her already, you will definitely need to have a long talk with yourself and seek some advice from others who have been in a similar situation. 

If you feel uncomfortable being with her for any reason, don't ignore the signs.  Ask yourself, what is it that you, her or the two of you have done that makes you feel like she simply isn't worth all this trouble?  Do you have people whispering negative things in your ear about your mate?  Do you personally feel like this is someone you no longer want in your life?  Are you going through a life change personally or professionally and find it hard trying to balance a relationship too?

Whatever the issue, know that you will need to start making the necessary steps to bring you peace of mind.  Avoid staying in a situation just because you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, if the relationship isn't for you, it just isn't.  Move on. 

Think of the many men who should have followed their gut instinct when they had a chance and left an age gap relationship, but didn't.  Some of these men are now deceased, jobless, incarcerated, or lost their wives and children as a result of messing with a crazy, young woman.  Also, consider this, you can drive a young lady crazy when you do the following:  act as if you don't know what you want, are unwilling to work on the relationship and treat her with respect, make promises you can't keep, cheat, or lie to her. 

No woman in her right mind is going to keep taking any form of abuse, know what you want.

Nicholl McGuire

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