Sugar Baby Owed Her Sugar Daddy, Killed Her Husband

A Sugar Baby from Arizona met her Sugar Daddy on an online website.  The man had loaned her over $300,000.  When it was time to pay him back, this Sugar Baby decided to create an insurance scheme where she murders her husband, receives money from the policy, and then would pay off her loan to the Sugar Daddy.  Of course, her plan of making up false stories of abuse against the husband as well as another story about her husband being attacked by a stranger, etc. didn't pan out and now she is sentenced to life.  The wife killed her husband with a hammer. (Link no longer active, article appeared on Yahoo news).

Evidently, the Sugar Baby didn't want to have the typical mutually beneficial relationship that most Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby arrangements are made of.  Why enter into a loan agreement when she knew she didn't have the money to begin with?  Why would a Sugar Daddy even go along with such an agreement?  He was aware of the woman's plan to do away with her husband.

If there is any takeaway from this tragic story is don't promise anything that you can't payback or give up.  Maybe the woman reasoned a loan would be better than having to sleep with the Sugar Daddy since she was married.  However, what could have been a simple agreement or no agreement at all ended up costing a man his life.

Nicholl McGuire


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