Broken Hearted Older Men with Issues - Young Women Don't Waste Your Youthful Years

He has yet to get over decades of heartbreak.  The mentally-disturbed older man has his share of the following:  self-esteem issues, sleep problems, sexual problems, mood swings, and weird behavior that if anyone knew, people would warn, "Keep away!"  Of course, a single, young lady, who thought the older man was rather attractive during their first meeting, didn't know this about him during those times they lived separately and periodically went out on dates.  But now, all hell has broken lose!

Independent young women, from around the world, tend to find out things the hard way when it comes to dating mature men.  These men are skilled at being everything young women want them to be, that is until their dates sincerely get to know them.  It is then when they act like fools, acting in ways that make a young woman think, "He's crazy, what did I get myself into!?" 

When the young woman can finally say in confidence that she knows her older gentleman suitor, it is usually after she has been robbed of her youthful years worrying about him and what he might do or not do concerning her and possibly children!  Her partner is a senior citizen behaving like a 20 plus year old leaving her feeling insecure, jealous, and angry, because he simply doesn't have his mindset and/or heart together!  

"What on earth happened to my mate?" She thinks.  "Why is he so grumpy?  What did I do?"  Don't beat yourself up with questions if you are a young woman reading this, you did no more than any other woman would do: you entertained him, did nice things, gave him good conversation, had sex with him, and became that friend he wanted.  Now if the older man, with issues, can't see the benefits in being with someone like you, and has given you much grief for the things that originally won him over, then it's time to move on!  Don't change who you are to suit someone who expects you to accept him for who he is.

Many young women who once were jovial in spirit, lose what little happiness they have left, because they allow a broken individual to sap their energy with his constant complaints, criticisms, and other rude behavior.  Sometimes the only way a man can truly see the diamond he has seated next to him is to lose her!

There are those young women who have dated their share of older men who have mentally and/or physically scarred them over the years, that they finally arrive at a place in their lives where they don't want to date another older man 10 plus years.  Good times become one too many bad times and so some of these young women will swear off dating old guys.

No matter the age, there will always be a broken hearted guy who just doesn't believe that he is a troubled individual.  He will talk himself into believing that he just can't seem to find the right girl, when in fact, he is the reason why he can't seem to get along with most young ladies long term.

Perceptive young women can spot a broken, desperate old man from how he walks to how much he stares at them.  The broken man doesn't think too much about how he makes others feel, because he is more concerned about controlling others to make him feel better--as if they can make him whole again.  Consider this, when an older man doesn't hear the questions that a young woman asks of him and isn't interested in answering them during their dating phase, it is clear, he isn't interested in her mindset.  When he doesn't take much interest in considering her suggestions for a future date, he has shown that he is a selfish individual.  If this older man doesn't bother to make his date feel good by complimenting her, then he lacks compassion and is more concerned about other people and things then who she is as a person and could care less about keeping her around long term.  And most of all, if he doesn't plan a future with her, then he has made it plain, she is nothing more than his "in the meantime" experience--that is until someone better comes along.

So before things, get too serious for some of you readers, recognize potential problems and know that a broken hearted older man can potentially sap the very life out of you if you aren't too careful!  If you are already in such a relationship, find your peace of mind and make plans to be rid of your burden if nothing changes for the better.

Nicholl McGuire

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