Avoid Sex with Minors

Here are some reasons not to even think about dating a child much less being intimate with them!  There are laws in the United States against sex with minors.  Although some countries still permit these unions between children and adults, there are serious consequences that prove why one would be better off staying away!  Now some might argue that "Nothing happened when I..." but sooner or later something will, better off removing one's self out of the situation before someone gets hurt!

8-year-old bride dies from internal injuries because of 40-year-old husband


Malaysian Man Accused Of Rape Marries 13-Year-Old Victim; Attorney General Vows To Pursue Charges


Rumor Update: 70-year-old man marries 15-year-old girl


5-year-old Indian girl dies of heart attack after rape (The incident was not an arranged marriage).

Here are some tips when it comes to identifying whether a young woman is really a girl:
1.  She uses heavy makeup and when she appears without it, she looks like a young child.
2.  She doesn't converse like an experienced woman.  For instance, she has little, if any, responsibilites. 
3.  She often talks about parents or caretakers providing for her.
4.  Her ID appears to be tampered with and she acts like she can't be seen with you.
5.  The girl talks about interests that most young women aren't the least bit interested in.
6.  She is hypersexual (often talking about it, clingy, dresses for attention). 
7.  She may or may not act discreet when it comes to sex. She may show signs that she isn't respectful of herself or others. 
8.  When upset, she will cry like a child or have a fit.  She fails to communicate concerns like an adult would.
For more tips, see other articles on this blog under the labels "advice choosing young women to date" and "advice for older men seeking younger women."

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