When All the Older Gentleman Wants is a Companion

With so many articles and videos talking about older men wanting nothing more than sex from young women, it can be a challenge to think any differently. But there are rich, as well as poor men, who aren’t interested in sex as much as they use to, simply put, they are all sexed out (at least temporarily that is). What might a young woman offer a gentleman besides sex?


A young woman and an older man who are on the go often, meeting people, volunteering, working, and just living a full life will have a bunch of stories to tell. They will enjoy long talks at places they like to frequent. They will share knowledge of some sites they might want to visit one day together. There is a lot to do and a woman who likes to communicate and travel is a great catch for an older man who still very much has a lot of life in him!


When one has lived a life of strife, it is hard to come by good friends. Sometimes the only friend that one has is his or herself. Quality friendship is something that most people desire. No matter how many riches a man has, he will most likely want the company of a woman who can keep a secret, respect him, provide assistance in times of need, and hopefully love him for who he is and not just what he can give her. A young lady who truly knows what it means to be a good friend will be one of the lucky ones to land a nice, generous, older man one day!

Physical Touch without the Sex

Believe it or not, back when you were in high school, you didn’t have sex with everyone you met, you actually had friendships where the only thing you did was hold hands and hug. There are still many people in this world who love one another but have a lack of interest in sex due to a number of mental and body health issues. So hand-holding is good, a hug better, and a soft kiss is the best for some May-December relationships.

Consider looking beyond what many expect will occur between an older man and a younger woman dating; instead, find ways to build on the romance, appreciate one another, learn, and grow in this ever-changing world together!

Nicholl McGuire

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