Some Mature Older Men will Take Advantage of Immature Young Women

Why is it that her family raises eyebrows when her older date comes around them?  Why is it that negative words is all family and friends speak when the young woman talks about her mature date?  Why does the young woman feel like she has to defend her man, her preference, her reasons for dating him, and more--Why?

From the stranger that looks at the young woman with a look of caution to the father who threatens to hurt him, if he so much as make his daughter cry, they have good reason to be concerned.  There are some mature men who will take advantage of a young woman who has little life experiences.  She hasn't managed her own finances for long, may not have moved away from home but once, lived with a boyfriend for a short stint, and doesn't get around much because she is always working.  So she doesn't really know much about dating/relationships, finances, travel, and adulthood, besides what her parents and siblings may have told her growing up. 

Unfortunately, many fathers and other male relatives just don't talk to the females in their families about too much of anything relevant to their lifestyle choices from what they wear to who they pick to date.  Sure, a concerned dad or uncle might say, "Be careful of those big, bad wolves out there..."  But is that really enough information to protect her?  "What should I look out for?"  the young lady should ask for specifics, find out what fathers, uncles, cousins are really saying.  Hopefully, they aren't so protective of the male bond that they will start exposing the games that men play.  But if they don't, there are always books like that one by Steve Harvey, Act Like a Lady Think Like Man--many men hated him for writing this one.

The big, bad wolves come in sheep's clothing.  They are charming, act protecting, flatter, want young women who won't ask any questions, might even talk a few out of the little money they have saved up in bank accounts, and may even promise marriage knowing full well that is the least of their intentions.  When the bad wolf throws back his false exterior, the young woman usually finds out the hard way that all that glitters ain't gold!  He is mean-spirited, bitter because of a past divorce, loss of money or children, and displeased with his life choices.  The immature, young woman might be a product of his mid-life crisis, and when he realizes this, he isn't that handsome, loving, and sensitive type that she had once fallen in love with.

What is downright evil that some mature men do to unwise, young women is know full well how far they will keep them on their strings before they cut the ties.  They act like puppet masters, controlling arms, legs and whatever else they can.  Rather than encouraging her to do what she likes, pursue her dreams, he manipulates her into holding off dreams, follow him and do whatever he asks while forsaking all family and friends. 

Mature men, who don't have to be the player type, but rather controlling, plan out exactly the beginning, middle and end of their courtship with young, silly women, before pursuing what they truly want, a wise woman with a certain youthfulness about her.  They act as if everything is okay in their dating experiences with the immature as long as they keep getting what they can out of them.  But when the typical immature responses start grating on their nerves, they back off.  Rebellious, tempermental, argumentative women, who act like children, get kicked to the curb! 

Sooner or later, the immature woman notices some negative things about her older man, but doesn't catches on completely until she sees him starting to withdrawal.  Sex isn't coming as regularly, conversation is sparse/meaningless, he isn't taking her places like he once had, and sometimes she may even detect some hostility in his voice.  If she starts snooping/investigating to find out what is really going on with him, the hurtful reality is discovered, he never was into her as much as he claimed.  From photographs of other women to phone numbers, it was all a game to that mature player.  In time, the young woman learns the game of her puppet master.  The silly woman, who was once ignorant, becomes enlightened.

The tables often turn on both the selfish, mature men and their young, silly women who think they are going to "just date for fun, have a good time."  People eventually wise up.  Young women, realize there is more to dating some mature older men than meets the eye.

Nicholl McGuire

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