How to Keep a Young Woman Interested in You and Not Your Flaws

When one is mature seeking a youthful lady, he has to know that in order to keep her interest, he must have some things about him that keep her coming back for more other than the typical large financial portfolio, sex, and impressive toys that other rich gentleman suitors have. A wise younger woman is going to look the other way after a few dates when she starts to see those flaws that tend to show up out of nowhere with some older men. For instance, he typically dyes his hair, but after a few dates he advertises his grays for the world to see. He might even trade a nice dress shirt for a boring, old tee-shirt.

What does the premature display of the real you say to this young woman who may still consider you a stranger? “He’s a great actor. I didn’t realize just how old he really is until he showed up with that 1970’s wardrobe with his white hair sprouting everywhere!” A young woman can have a short attention span especially for an older man who stands before her looking dull and tired. Face it, some men have to work harder than others to keep a woman happy.

1. Communicate your strengths.

You might not be active like most men, but you are smarter than many of them. Put your intelligence to work and help that young woman improve herself physically, mentally and spiritually when the opportune time comes. She just might say, “I was thinking, maybe you could help me with…” Jump at the opportunity by sharing what you know about her concerns and how might she be able to solve them.

2. Focus on your accomplishments and how they have helped others.

What is it about you that impresses most men and women that know you? You might be lacking in looks, but you might have a long list of awards for your generosity, gifts for helping others, business achievements, and more. Share what drives you to be the best you can be. She just might overlook those imperfections that others would run from.

3. Ask her about her goals, dreams and desires.

Young women like to talk about themselves, so encourage her to do so. This might make you stand out from those other guys because she you are sincerely interested in hearing what she has to say. Once again, look for opportunities to help her achieve her dreams.

4. Take care of yourself.

Men who do things to improve their appearances are a draw for many women. A man who doesn’t smoke, maintains his body weight, and smells good has a better chance at meeting and keeping a woman than a man who does the total opposite.

5. Point out obvious issues before she does, and mention what you are doing to try to fix them.

Women have flaws just like men, but when they are noticeable, many will explain the who, what, when, where, why, and how of them all. When men share their war stories, they just might get a sympathetic ear and someone who will get a little closer to them depending on the story. So if you know you can’t hide your issue like a large scar across your left cheek, talk about it, but don’t say so much that it makes her scared, worried, or concerned for her life.

6. Share a few past failures, but mention how you managed to move on with your life.

It is better that she hears about your past then from the neighborhood, so if you did some things that she just might find out about if she were to conduct a background check, let her know. However, include what you are doing differently now and how you resolved past issues.

7. Mention the people and things you do that keep you motivated.

Are there some people who could vouch for how good of a man you truly are? In time, you will want to use them to help your date reach a decision on whether you are good for her or not. Some single women might not be completely convinced about dating certain men due to one flaw or another, but then along comes the single man’s mom and sister bragging about their loved one and now a date, who was once in doubt, is ready to commit.

When a young woman notices your flaws, don’t hide, worry, or think the worse, just do your best to explain, but not so much that she desires to go elsewhere. Know what impresses your date and stick to those things that keep her interested in you and not your flaws.

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