Love or Sex? Young Woman You Ought to Find Out What He Wants

Give it a little time, you know this dating relationship some of you young ladies might be in as I type.  He wants something from you, most likely if you ask your older man, "Do you want love or sex from me?" He will answer, "Both."  Nice response, but this isn't all you should be accepting.  Watch as well as listen.
There are older men who have everything planned out in terms of what kind of relationship they want, what they are willing to put forth, and what they will not settle for.  If he has been there and done that with marriage more than once, then he might not be interested in a serious relationship at this time.  If he is still wondering whether or not you are the one, he may not even love you, much less, like you.

You won't know what is really going on inside that man's head if you are not asking questions and observing his actions.  Is what he is saying, matching his actions?  Most older men know what to expect when it comes to dating and marriage, because they have years of experience.  They have been the player and been played.  They have watched their father, uncles, and others in their families play women.  So an older man, unless he has a mental handicap, has a plan of action when it comes to loving and sexing a woman.  He isn't interested in what she has to say if she isn't establishing boundaries from the minute he has laid eyes on her.

Men are attentive to women who not only look good, but have something between their ears (notice I didn't refer to that other thing--lol,) called a brain.  So some men like what is between one's legs as well, but is that going to keep the relationship going when he runs into some challenging times in his life?  What are you offering besides a pretty smile and a butt?

If you want love, Young Woman, then let it find and dine you.  If you desire a real companion, then put the breaks on all the romantic settings, and just allow you two to learn more about one another without the fluff like pretty hair, painted nails, a nice dress and a great restaurant.

Who is that man that calls you on the phone, really?  What is really going on between the lines of text and email that he sends you?  Does he really love you for always or does he just want to sex you today?

Nicholl McGuire


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