12 Signs a Young Woman is Being Played By a Dirty Old Man

What Some of Older Male Relatives May Not Have Told Young Women About Old Players

Your family and friends are concerned about your sudden interest in a man twice maybe even three times your age. They wonder what you see in him and secretly you wonder what he sees in you as well. You hope that this isn’t a fly by night romance for a man struggling with mid-life issues, but how do you know? There are 12 signs you may want to watch out for when relating to your older man. So put off the wedding plans in your head and the butterflies in your stomach for a moment while you read the following points.

One. He is adamant about no surprise visits at his home or work.

Now if he has nothing to hide why would he feel the need to tell you that?

Two. He will only see you on certain days of the week.

So there must be a schedule set to see one another?

Three. He often picks out places to entertain you that are far away from the city.

You may want to suggest places that are closer to the city then watch his reaction.

Four. He doesn’t share any information about his personal life such as mention conversations he may have had with family and friends.

He is often asking you questions about your day, but when you ask him questions about his day he is vague or unresponsive.

Five. He avoids spending holidays with you or comes by to see you very late in the day, during his lunch break, or early in the morning.

Once again, you should be questioning why?

Six. He is overly protective about his belongings especially his cell phone and computer.

Is it necessary to become angry if you just so happen to flip his phone back and look at the screen?

Seven. He often doesn’t stick to appointments with you because “something came up” which makes him late or causes him to cancel.

An occasional cancellation or an apology for being late is acceptable, but frequently – something is up?

Eight. He dresses nice on days when he is supposed to be casually dressed.

Did he tell you he had a meeting to go to prior to seeing you? He must have forgot to mention it or maybe he had another date before he came over to see you?

Nine. Whenever you try to change his routine or schedule suddenly, he is making up excuses.

Control freak or someone else is controlling his time.

Ten. He isn’t interested in meeting your family or friends and doesn’t offer to introduce you to any of his family or friends especially his parents.

He simply isn’t serious about you yet, give him some time.

Eleven. When you bring up marriage, children, or moving in together, he either smiles, avoids the issue, or jokes about it. Meanwhile, he is telling his friends, “Never again will I get married.”

If you want marriage and he doesn’t, what makes you think that you can change him?

Twelve. People in his neighborhood, especially women, look at you or him negatively and talk about all the women who come in and out of his home. They may even mention in so many words how they use to date him and make negative comments about him.

Women can’t keep a good secret, they will expose a bad person or bad behavior, and if she is a women scorned then she will let the cat out of the bag. Listen to what she is telling you in a round-about way—she is warning you.

If you have noticed all of these signs working together throughout the relationship then you are being played. Many young women overlook these signs because they don’t want to believe that their older men is betraying them, because they assume that because they look or act a certain way they can’t be played. Yet, if you were quick to give him your heart, plan your days around him, and believe every little thing that comes out of his mouth without paying attention to his actions, then you are subjecting yourself to his game. As the saying goes, don’t hate the player, hate the game.

By Nicholl McGuire

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