Your In Love, He's In Love, So What Seems to be the Problem?

You might have been one of the blessed ones who found someone who honestly cares about you. Age has no bearing on your relationship. He is comfortable in his skin and so are you. Yet, something bothers you about the relationship, but you can't seem to put your finger on it. Know that your odd feelings are natural and will not go away until you are completely fulfilled in the relationship.

Material wealth, conversation, and sex sometimes isn't enough to feel at peace in a realtionship with anyone, much less an older man or younger woman. The human spirit is always in need of something more, especially if you have no spiritual foundation.

Sometimes couples in love (or in lust) must allow for some distance from one another to sort out their emotions. We must be sure that the relationship we so desire is in fact meant to be. It doesn't matter how financially secure your older partner may be or how much nicer he is than your past lovers, you have to know that you know that you want to be with your partner forever! This same concept applies to the mature man dating a younger woman. She looks good, feels good, and acts mature for her age, but she has to complete you! Like you, she has feelings and with each passing year, she is steadily growing into an older woman who has goals, the last thing she needs is a broken heart so young.

We all must be mindful of people's feelings as well as our own in any relationship. When we are not, someone most likely will get hurt. Too many "settled" people are also selfish people. They expect others to revolve around their worlds and not the other way around. Too many young people are too carefree, to the point, that they don't see beyond the material. When no one wants to share their lifestyle or has a myopic view on how to relate to one another, there will be an unsettled feeling somewhere deep within one's heart. And because of that feeling, one will not marry, will not trust, will not give up his or her space, and will question the future. Until you know that you know, take one day at a time before committing.

Nicholl McGuire

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