When the Younger Woman Awakes to What She Really Wants...

She sits across the table from you and looks at how your physical appearance has changed since those early days she first laid eyes on you. You may have noticed how she too has changed. As much as she wants to look beyond physical appearance, it can be difficult. She sees younger men and notices things about them that compliment her age. Meanwhile, she relies heavily on her feelings for you to keep from fantasizing too long about her younger counterparts.

An awakening has taken place in the young woman's life that makes her question, "Why am I really with this older man?" Sure, she may have articulated some years ago the basic things like, "love and security." But as she matures, she realizes there is more to her decision-making when it came to being in a relationship with you. Depending on how she has been impacted by you over the years, will determine whether she will stay or go.

Trying to figure out a younger woman with an older mindset might be tricky. You see, there are some women who don't care too much about age until it starts affecting how she sees herself and what she wants out of the relationship. When age differences play a part in her younger world that she may not have noticed some years back, look out, because she just might not stick around if she no longer sees any benefit when it comes to dating an older man. "Did I start dating him because I thought he had money? Did he give me a home when I was down and out? Was he there for me when no one else was? Do I want marriage and a baby?"

Younger women want providers, father figures, protectors, mentors, and other related titles in their older men. Sure, some will say, "No, I just want a nice man." But seriously, look at her background and you can easily determine what she really wants in an aging man with few too many exs and adult children. You will need to put yourself in her shoes for a moment particularly if the relationship is suffering. If you have been with her for some time, have you been all that she ever wanted or did you fail like say, her daddy or favorite uncle?

If the father daughter relationship was a good one, then she just might be in the relationship for other reasons that have nothing to do with this article. The courtship may continue to go strong as long as you are holding up your end of the bargain. However, if the father daughter relationship was negatively impacted, chances are she is hoping you will continue to fulfill the void (especially when it comes to love)-- that is until she has her awakening.

Going back to the beginning of this article, youth drives some younger women's awakening experience. The very thing that may have drove you to her may drive her away from you to someone else. You wanted excitement, beauty, and personality, and she will want that too. Ask yourself this, "Do I exemplify what she really wants in a man her age? Does she really want me for me?"


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