The Older Men Who Rather Keep Their Secrets in The Dark About Dating a Younger Woman

Being online I have come across my share of older men who don't like my revealing the player strategies that some will use, the weaknesses that they attempt to try to cover up, or the lies that some tell younger women just so they can get sex, have a companion that would be willing to care for them, and other reasons they don't want to share.

Everyone has a motive as to why they want to be with someone. Some have lists while others just go with the flow. But whatever the reason, an older man feels compelled to have a younger woman, it should be honest and true. If you want a trophy piece its better to say so, then for her to find out that you aren't interested in a committed relationship the hard way. If you seek a younger woman, because you desire to be a father, she should know that, some women simply don't want children not now or anytime in their lives. The more open young, old, rich or poor couples are with one another, the better the relationship!

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Nicholl McGuire is the creator of this blog and enjoys providing tips to young women about what to expect when dating an older man.

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