Five Signs He is a Good Guy But Boring

So you met yourself a nice guy who seems to be plenty of fun for now, but how do you know that his good time is nothing but a show? What if you discover later that this guy is nothing more than a grandpa type sitting back in his rocking chair snoozing? Here's what you need to do to determine if your future is going to be dead or alive with this nice guy.

1. Listen to him when he tells you what life was like for him before you came along.
Now most women want to hear from their new partner, "I was just going about my days watching TV and wishing for someone like you." However, that should actually be a turn off to you! Here's why. If he didn't have a life before you then he won't have much of a life with you either especially after the newness of your dating relationship wears off. If you are an active woman, you want an active man!

2. He is often looking to you to make plans on what to do for entertainment.
You may enjoy planning everything now, but what happens when money woes become an issue later and he expects you to not only plan the date, but pay for everything too? Looks like the two of you won't be getting out much.

3. Whenever you talk to him about going places, he finds fault with your suggestions. This will get old with anyone. No one likes to be rejected or criticized for every interest they like. This is not only a sign that you have someone who isn't much on trying new things, but he may also be the controlling type -- better start distancing yourself!

4. He can't enjoy life without you. This seems flattering in the beginning of the relationship, but as you become more comfortable with this person, you will want to do some things without him too. If he starts showing signs now of clingy behavior, imagine what that might be like if you commit to him for a life time!

5. His idea of a good time seems to always be staying home. This is a clear indication that you have a future couch potato boyfriend and an insecure one too! The relationship might work if you are just like him, but if you are not, woe to you! Don't settle with someone who is already panting on the first lap! "I'm too tired to go out...didn't we go out last weekend."

Now that you have five signs this guy may be a future bore for the active you, don't do anything stupid like marry him! There are nice, genuinely active guys out there who don't have to put on an act.

Nicholl McGuire has past experience dating older men and online dating. She penned a new book entitled, Laboring to Love Myself and she tweets @datingdramas on Twitter.

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