The Significant Age Difference: An Issue with Family

Although it may not be a problem for you and your mature partner, the age difference, it is an issue for some of those who are on the outside looking in at your relationship. They may not take you or he seriously just because you are younger than he is. If he has a past pattern of dating women close to his age, then his siblings will have found more in common with that person than with you.

It can be troubling knowing his family have had a better relationship with his past girlfriends than you; however, don't let that disturb your inner peace with who you are -- if age is indeed nothing but a number then by all means keep it that way!

Jealousy, lies, confusion, bitterness, and more are in every family and his is no exception. Since you have come into his life, there may have been some hidden family issues that have now surfaced. He may have seen a different side to his once kind mother, his wonderful sister, and his easy-going brother. They may have criticized his choice in a woman either to his face or behind his back, "Why did you pick someone so young? What's going on with him, did he catch a bad case of midlife?" Whatever the comments he has had to endure since dating you, he will have to be the one to either stand with you or cave into the pressure and end the relationship -- its all up to him.

What you can do is stay true to who you are and your beliefs. If you and he believe in the relationship, then it will last, but if only one or neither of you don't, it won't.

Keep in mind that at first everyone who says, "I don't have a problem with..." In time the truth comes out and they really do have a problem. Their issue, not yours!

Enjoy your relationship while it last! Ask questions to find out the truth about his feelings before you commit. Finally, know that everyone will not like you and there is nothing in the rule book that requires you to make friends and influence people who don't like you!

Nicholl McGuire

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