What Does a Young Woman Really Want?

These are just a few things I thought I would share with the men who happened to stumble upon this site seeking some perspective about the way younger women think.

The first point is just because a younger woman is not questioning your whereabouts and oftentimes acts nonchalant about your activities away from her, doesn't mean she can be played. Some older men might have gotten use to their former wives or girlfriends questioning everything they did, because those women didn't know how to establish lives of their own. However, this doesn't mean, "Well my young girlfriend doesn't care what I do as long as I give her money." Just like a woman your own age or older we care, we just don't make a big deal about what you are doing since we know that at any given moment when we are tired of your lies we can drop you and find someone who will appreciate us whether that man has a head full of hair and zero body fat or overweight and balding.

The next point refers to one's intelligence. Although there is a significant age difference, that doesn't mean the young woman is a fool. She may not know much about your era and may have little or no experience with your educational and/or career background; however that doesn't mean you can't talk to her or share a bit about yourself. It also doesn't mean that she can't hold a conversation with the best of them.

Another point I would like to make is that young women need love and security just like an older woman. Why is it okay for an older woman to say, "I need a man who makes a nice living..." but when a young woman says that she is deemed a gold-digger not every woman is with an older man because of money. It is a nice perk, but when the lights go off and you are ready to go to bed, she wants to know do you love her.

In closing, not every young woman has the kind of daddy issues that she needs a sugar daddy. An older man may say the things she wished her dad would have said back in the day like, "I love you...I care about you..." However, there are many women that are operating in this world with a healthy mindset and could care less how often their own dad said I love you or even came around for that matter. She doesn't need a father, like some women sing about in songs and write in poems, she needs a man! And unless you can be that man that will be the shoulder she can cry on, offer some advice, love her, and make her feel like a woman, you might want to check whether you are an older man with mommy issues, a need for a daughter, or in a mid-life crisis.

Nicholl McGuire

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