Just Because He's Older Doesn't Mean He is Responsible

There are many older men who are indeed responsible, financially comfortable, and energetic, but there are others who are the complete opposite. You would think that at 40 plus years old, he would have his life on track but not necessarily. For some men, they actually act worse the older they get. They make poor decisions that cost them what little savings they have. The fast life they lived in their 20s and 30s catches up to them and by the time they are in their 40s and 50s they can't even open a department store credit card much less buy you a ring.

Some younger women don't want to face the reality that they got themselves hooked up with a loser! They lie or cover up about their older man's job and/or bank account because they don't want to be ridiculed. Its embarrassing enough for some younger women to be walking with someone that looks older than their dad, but doing better than their older counterpart, well that just doesn't look good!

The key is to learn as much as you can about the man you are potentially thinking about having a serious relationship with and whether or not you can handle the debt you and he may have if you two get together.

Some things you may want to look out for while dating him include:

The kind of entertainment. If he frequently suggests staying home watching a movie or going to a local fast food restaurant, he is carefully watching his money for a reason. Some men are frugal while others are just broke.

Where he shops and where he suggests you shop. Discount and thrift stores are definitely not places to impress someone he doesn't know that well. But if he does this to you, he is letting you know he is thrifty and may have his share of money problems.

The gifts he gives. You may have suggested jewelry, but he brought a six pack of your favorite drink and a book. Something is definitely wrong with this picture. It wasn't a moment of absentmindness, he deliberately went the cheap route, because he simply can't afford you.

Put off committing to any man who is financially unstable, you can do bad all by yourself!

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