6 Things Older Men Shouldn't Do While on a Date with a Younger Woman

The following list is what some older men do that turn their younger dates off!

1. Talk like they know everything about everything. For instance, some older men will attempt to use slang to impress their younger dates. Others will act like a teacher talking to a student or a father talking to his daughter. BIG TURN OFF! Best advice, just be yourself and mind your manners!

2. Pick out certain attire to make him look younger than what he is. If she wanted to date a man with baggy pants and a sports jersey with shiny tennis shoes, she would have picked a man her own age or younger. Dress in clothes that are considered timeless fashions. The polo shirt with the docker slacks is good enough -- if that is your style. Otherwise wear something similar to what she saw you in the day you asked her out or one of the photos of you wearing business casual attire.

3. Converse about parents. Unless she brings them up, stay away from offering your opinion unless she specifically asks you for it. Talking about parents and relatives invoke negative feelings for some people and since you don't know her that well yet, it is better to save questions about family for a later date.

4. Talk about "back in the day..." or "the old school." Stay away from subjects that give away how old is really old when it comes to your age. For instance, old television shows, music, and similar things that she wouldn't know anything about can be avoided at least during the first date. Rather talk about current events, work, interests, and upcoming holidays.

5. Talk about other women or look at other women during the date. You may have many "good friends," ex-wives, sisters even daughters. During the early stages of dating, don't make a "big deal" about all the women you know and how they helped you pick out your outfit, cut your hair, or thought you were crazy for dating her. Remember she wants to be your number one.

6. Make jokes or comments about the age of his young date. If her age bothers you, don't date her! She can't do anything about the fact that she either acts or talks youthful. Keep in mind some young women will be offended just like you would be if she commented about you being a Chester the molester.

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