10 Things Younger Women Want from Older Men

There are older men who would love to be in a relationship with a younger woman; however, they don't do their research before getting involved in a relationship with a younger woman so when issues come up they don't know how to fix them. An older man can be the best partner for a younger
woman if he knows what she wants, but for some younger women immaturity keeps them from expressing their needs which makes it difficult for an older man to understand her.

Here is what younger women want from older men. You will notice that the things they want are no different than any other woman. You can take these tips and apply them to any woman any age.

One. Young women don't want to be caught off guard.

If you are a man in your thirties, forties, fifties even sixties you have a history that is probably a lot more interesting than your younger companion. Therefore, you need to be doing more talking and she needs to be doing more listening. If you don't share the details of your past that you know at some point will be a concern in the relationship later on, then you might as well expect her to exit. Like older women, younger women don't want to be caught off guard about the marriage their older man never got a divorce from, the child by another woman he never bothered to explain, the jail time he served, or the parents he may have said died but are still very much alive.

Two. Young women want to make their own decisions without little input from their man.

Some older men assume because they have been around the block they know more about life. That may be true, but just because you "been there and done that" doesn't mean she won't want to proceed with her plans without your advice. Rather than take on a father figure role, let her find out some things about life on her own. This doesn't mean let her harm herself or another, but what this does mean is if she has a strong urge to make a decision she feels will help her in her career, mentally, physically, or in some other way then let her do it!

Three. Young women would like to be loved, cared for and treated with respect.
Some older men think that because they have been burned in the past, it's okay to play games with the younger women. They reason they are too young to know what's going on anyway. Of course, that is foolish thinking and you just might hurt the wrong woman and find yourself sorry for the
rest of your life it's better to just treat her like you want to be treated.

Four. Young women may want commitment.

This isn't a cardinal rule for some, because they may not want to be married to you or anyone. But for most women, they want a commitment. They need a commitment! They want to know that you will one day marry them and if you know that is not what you had in mind then you need to communicate that as soon as possible.

Five. Young women may want children.

Once again, not a cardinal rule, but some women desire to have a family with the one they love. Now if you have children already and don't plan to have anymore, she needs to know that. Otherwise, if you don't tell her, you may fall into a situation where you just might be a daddy whether you like it or not!

Six. Young women don't want to be the other woman.

Some women may start off telling you, "I don't mind being a friend with benefits." However, that kind of thinking will change especially if the sex is good! A younger woman who is knocked off her feet by good sex will make you her potential husband in her mind even though you may be thinking otherwise.

Seven. Young women would like to learn something new from their older men that they can't get from their peers.

If others have deemed you an intelligent, wise kind of man then you need to put your knowledge to good use. Tell her some interesting things about your life, share with her your dreams and aspirations, and explain to her about things she may not understand. Teach her how to invest her money wisely, give her things that will stimulate her mentally, and most of all praise her when she learns something new!

Eight. Young women want financial security.
This may be a turn-off for some older men, but it's a reality, young women want a man with some cash! If you have some and aren't generous with it, then she will be turned off and she may exit just like an older woman would. Because she most likely knows already what being financially
broke feels and looks like and she doesn't want to go down that path again. A man her age in a not so distant past may have taken more from her than gave her; he may have lied about money, or hid it from her. But whatever he did, she doesn't expect you to do it because you are older and she thinks you should know better!

Nine. Young women want maturity in their relationship.

She may not look mature or act it, but when it comes down to serious relationship issues she wants a man to be focused on the relationship not on a dinner and movie experience all the time or some trinket of jewelry to pacify her. Most young women enjoy having fun with their older companion, but when it's time for "the talk" they want to be heard.

Ten. Young women want what their father failed to give them as a child.

Experts will tell you that many young women have had a bad history with their father and often look to older men as a kind of father figure. No matter how true this statement is, older men will have to determine whether the younger women in their lives are with them for love or for something else.

As mentioned earlier, this list can be used not only for educating oneself on the needs of younger women, but older women as well. Anyone entering into a relationship is expecting something so with information such as this you should be able to determine whether you can fulfill a young woman's needs or not.

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