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Why looks don't matter?

Having Sex with Younger or Older Partner Just Because...

The couple was head over heels in love with one another when they first met some years ago, but now, not so much.  You see, she experienced far too many disappointing moments with the man who she calls, "Sugar Daddy."  She had hoped that maybe the relationship would have matured by now.  But he and she aren't interested in anything more than sex these days.

What appeared to be so right, ended up so wrong when the young woman finally realized she bit more off than she could chew by involving herself with an older man decades older than she.  He too, thought that being with his younger partner was a bit too much for him to handle mentally and physically, yet he pressed on with the relationship anyway.

Now the pair are nothing more than periodic sex partners with very few common interests.  They just don't have that "spark" for one another anymore--they have grown apart.  Yet, the sex keeps them connected, at least for the time being, until one or both insults the other in a dispute, then off they go taking a sabbatical away from one another in minds and sometimes with feet too--that is until "missing you" feelings draw them back together again.  On the outside looking in, witnesses might describe the couple as "pathetic, weak, dysfunctional..." but it works for them now.

If your relationship with an older or younger partner is somewhat like what has been described, then you just might want to begin to emotionally and physically set yourself free if the situation is causing you misery.  Why dump your personal frustrations and dislike on to someone who isn't going to change his or her lifestyle or behaviors to suit you?  Move on. 

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Fine-Looking, Funny and Unforgettable: The Special Older Man

An average looking older man might have that stunning, younger woman on his arm, but he didn't get her without being that guy who holds her interest.  He might have found some ways to enhance some physical features that made the young woman say, "Well, he may not be the best-looking man, but he sure has some fine-looking qualities about him."

A man with a great personality knows how to make the young women laugh and say the kinds of things that make him unforgettable.  He doesn't take himself too seriously and isn't interested in being right all the time when conversing with others.  He takes criticism in stride whether helpful or not.    In addition, he doesn't care to control the people who are in his presence and is careful not to hurt feelings. He prefers to win friends, rather than make enemies.  For an older man, such as the one described, it may have taken him years to get it together in mind, body and spirit, but once he arrived, he took advantage of his opportunities.  Now he isn't a perfect man, far from it, but he knows that in order to live his best life, he must do the kind of things that not only benefit him, but others too.

Many young men haven't quite grasped the concept of developing one's self in mind, body and spirit.  They may choose one or the other, usually the part of self that is going to make them the most money, and then worry about the others when they are too old, broke, busted, and disgusted to do much.  Vibrant, smart, and beautiful women look out for the man who makes them laugh, is easy on their eyes, and has some attributes about them that make him unforgettable.

The best advice a mature man could takeaway from this blog post today is, do the best you can for you (physically, mentally and spiritually).  Know what your weaknesses are and address them before someone has to point them out to you.  Work hard to build yourself up especially after years of being beaten down from angry people, bad investments, fast living, and a poor diet.  When you are at that place in your life where you can feel good about you inside and out, then others will take notice and want to be around you.

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