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Why Did I Start a Blog about Young Women and Older Men...

Sometimes I have to go back to why I even bothered to put this blog together.  I mean I didn't have to broadcast anything about subject matter like this, because well you readers know everything, right?  Actually you don't and neither do I and so the need for this blog over the years has been necessary.

We think when we meet people that we know so much.  We read articles, watch TV, hear
stories, had dating we think we can handle almost anything that comes our way when it comes to dating.  But can you really when things aren't going so well in your life?  Nope.  You are left wide open, weak for a thrill.  You want a change in routine, something new, fresh, different...I get it.  But I don't support it when you already have someone at home that loves/likes you.  I'm not encouraging a person of faith to compromise their belief for anyone.  It isn't worth losing your anointing.  I am definitely not the one who will cheer you on when you are a victim either of a turbulent relationship.

I will say that I absolutely love sharing advice and listening to stories that relate to the content on this blog.  You can always learn something new if you are open to receiving.  Don't let negative past experiences keep you from growing and loving!  I for one am quite content in my lifestyle choice (married older) and look forward to the future.  Who knows, maybe I might be a cougar one day--just kidding, but then maybe not, hmmm.

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Feel Left Out? Age Gap Relationships Can be Lonely

He doesn't want to bring you around his relatives or peers because he is uncomfortable with the age difference despite his saying he is okay with it.  She doesn't want you attending a family event because males in her family don't approve of you being much older.

So what do age gap couples end up doing when family and friends make them feel uncomfortable at events?  They stay home.  They say,  "Who cares?  We don't need them...We love one another."  But deep down inside maybe the young woman really wanted to be with her family and maybe the older gentleman desired to spend time with kinfolk.

We don't often hear about the challenges of dating older or younger because the people who are celebrating their new love interests are still quite blinded by sex and beauty.  But when tough times show up, they keep their business to themselves.

There is a loneliness that some couples feel when so many family members don't necessarily like their choice in a partner whether old or young.  The feeling of being casted out or not liked because of one's actions is not a good feeling especially when you are use to being the favorite in a family.

Age gap relationships can be difficult and lonely at times depending on who you might have connected to like: the selfish, stubborn, angry, controlling or rude types.  The frustrations that might arise because one didn't bother to think too deeply about how a partner might feel about relationship concerns can come spilling out between the pair in unusual ways such as: frequent disputes about meaningless things, silent treatment, pouting, passive aggressive behaviors, etc.  The fact is that people tend to be more comfortable around folks who are about the same age or a little younger or older.  They share many common interests and at times find other things that are attractive about one another.

Watch out for signs that you feel lonely in a May-December romance.  Reach out for support.  Don't fake interest when there is no longer any in a partner.  Make time to think about whether you still want to be in this kind of relationship.  Forgive yourself if it doesn't work out and allow yourself some time to reconnect with you before starting another relationship.

Nicholl McGuire


Love Dating Older, Younger?

Do you enjoy the laughter of a young, beautiful lady in your presence, mature gentleman?  Do you appreciate the maturity of a man who is almost old enough to be your dad?  Well, there is nothing wrong with that!

You are a wonderful man or woman who knows what he or she wants and even if you don't you are still learning and growing with each dating experience.  With that said, enjoy your life!  Now we aren't talking about doing something you might regret, compromising one's personal faith for a cheap thrill, or acting like a complete idiot to win favor with someone.  But what we are saying is find the space in your mind and the time in your schedule to really get to know someone.  Through the journey, you will also learn some interesting things about you.

Dating online robs many people of the joy of being with someone in a way that really makes you see and feel a person inside and out.  Instead, what happens for many the online experience becomes nothing more than a game of cat and mouse that never has a proper ending.  Even offline one feels jaded that he or she was used in the moment and then on to the next.  Feel empty yet?  Do you feel a void in your heart?  You probably have dated far too many people or met up sexually with energy vampires.

When one warns to "slow down...take it easy...stop rushing...I don't like to be pressured." they are sending a red alert flag that you are moving too fast.  They are letting you know that there is something wrong with your wiring.  Dating older or younger was never meant to be something that you turn around in 10 minutes and hope for the best.

Remember why you wanted to date older or younger in the first place?  So why speed things up? Besides you can't teach an old dog any new tricks and you can't make a young person settle down who doesn't want to.

Look beyond your personal needs and ask yourself again, "Now why do I love dating older or younger..."  Upon closer inspection you will find that there is more to why you do it than meets the eye.

Nicholl McGuire

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