How to Look Good to Women Even If You're Average Looking Or Below at a Relatively Inexpensive Cost

If you're a rich or famous man, you automatically look good to most women no matter how average or below average looking you are. Chances are you're not reading this if you are rich, famous or both. No matter what people say, looks are important as they affect how people initially perceive you. If you look attractive, the door is open to a woman taking the chance to at least knowing you if she's single and free. If you don't look attractive, most of the time a woman isn't going to give you the time of day no matter how wonderful a person you are. Knowing that you look attractive helps give off a vibe of self-confidence and you'll probably feel more comfortable with yourself as opposed to feeling insecure.
What follows are some easy tips on how to relatively transform yourself at relatively little cost, except step 1, no matter how average or below average looking you are:
1. If you have noticeably bad looking teeth get them fixed immediately. This one might cost you a bit, but it's worth it, as one of the first things people notice about someone is bad teeth. Bad teeth indicate you either don't care about your appearance or can't afford or are too cheap to get your teeth fixed. Now I'm not saying you have to have a Hollywood smile which costs a fortune, but at least you shouldn't have fang teeth, crooked teeth and gaps. If you don't fix your teeth, most of my other points won't help.
2. Get in at least average shape. If you're noticeably overweight, go on some kind of diet and gradually lose the weight, jog and work out with free weights at home 3 times a week. You don't need to look muscular or anything but you should at least look relatively toned. The end object should be that at least someone won't look at you and notice that you look out of shape. It's not important that someone looks at you and is turned on by your body but that they're not turned off by it. I would not try to lose a lot of weight at once as the skin on your face might sag, but do it gradually.
3. Get your hair styled and if you're happy with it, always use the same hair stylist. Always tip your stylist well and listen to them. This will not make or break your bank as believe it or not, places like Supercuts have some excellent stylists and the cost of a cut without extras is under $15. I would bring with you the first time either a previous picture of yourself which you liked your hair or a magazine photo of a style you like and ask the stylist to cut your hair that way unless the stylist doesn't think it would work on you now. I would rely on what the stylist says. Tell them that they shouldn't cut your hair too short, if anything leave it too long. Look at both the front and the back when they're done and if something doesn't look right, tell them so they can still fix it. Don't judge your hair on how it looks till about the 5th day after it was cut. If you like it, get someone to take close up pictures of the front and back. Next time you get your hair cut again, bring the pictures in and only get your hair cut by the same person. After about 5 visits, your stylist will know how you like your hair cut and it won't be necessary to bring them in again.
4. If you don't already have them, get yourself a couple of pairs of decent looking shoes and always have them looking shined. You'd be surprised at how many women notice a man's shoes first before their clothes.
5. Always have your clothes neatly pressed and cleaned and make sure they are tailored to your body which most department stores will do at little cost when you buy your clothes. Make sure you are measured for the right size shirt, pants and jacket. If you can afford it, I would recommend owning at least 2 nice suits and some sports jackets from a designer label. If you can't, try to at least own decent looking clothes that you can get from a department store that specializes in clothes like say a Macy's as opposed to a place like Marshall's. There usually are decent sales at Macy's. You can always use the internet to shop for clothes online. Also buy some decent looking ties as there is nothing worse then wearing a cheap tie with a good suit.
6. Unless you have a mustache or beard always shave in the morning and shave before you go on a date.
7. Take a shower, at least once a day.
8. Brush your teeth and floss at least once a day and before you go on a date.
9. When going on a date for the first time, I would try to wear your best suit and tie or sports jacket and tie, if you want to give her the look that says you are a successful person with a good job and career even if it's not true, unless that will not impress her at all. You want to come from a position of power. Who knows, if she gives you a chance, the fact that your not upwardly mobile might not bother her! The important thing is, don't lie about yourself either.
10. If you are losing your hair, I would try treating it or going to Hair Club For Men and getting a Hair Piece. I did and I was quite happy with mine and no one was even aware it was a hair piece! Don't be afraid or embarrassed about people at work or in your daily life seeing you in your new hair. Within about 2 weeks they'll be use to it and won't notice it any more. I'd even tell them that you got a hair piece right away which would help mitigate any anxiety you might have.
I should add, if nature truly gave you an obviously bad prominent feature such as a large hooked nose, I would get plastic surgery on it if you can afford it no matter what nonsense a family member might say. Don't think of it as something that shows character because you're only deluding yourself. I'm not advocating getting plastic surgery unless you have a truly bad prominent feature that other people notice. The most important thing to remember is, the more confident and less insecure you are with yourself, the more attractive others see you.
By P. Hershon

Why You Can't Find A Good Man

Why is it so hard for a good woman to find a good guy? I mean most women would bend over backwards for the right man. You treat him like a king and yet he still does not want to commit or even return your calls. What is really going on?
It may be that you are going after the wrong guy. No matter how good you are, if you are trying to get someone that does not want to settle down to settle down, you WILL fail. Not might, could or possibly. You will fail.
I have seen so many of my female friends give so much to get so little in return. They get frustrated by the lack of good men and settle for some guy that is not even worthy of them. They then "hope" that he will change. He is just not being "loved" the right way, they say.
WRONG. He is not changing. If he is getting every thing he wants being the way he is, why would he change. The problem is not him. You are trying to get him to be something other than what he is. You want him to be relationship material and he is not.
Wishing does not make it so. Just because you hope, wish and pray for a person to change does not make it likely that this person will do so. Can it happen? Sure, but do you want to bet your love life on it? You have been doing that all this time and what has it gotten you.
The answer is to find men that are ready to settle down. Men that are tired of the games and lies and looking for just one woman that will treat them right. Once you have found that type of person, the rest becomes easy.
The problem is that many women are looking in the wrong places for these types of men. The clubs and friends will not bring you the man that you want. Besides if he is so great why would she pass him on to you. No look in new places and you will find the right guys that will bring you the relationship that you deserve.
Happy Dating!


The Worry Over the Age Difference

He may have joked about your being a baby or was angry and accused you of acting immature. She may have commented about how old you are looking lately or laughed about how much older you act when in certain situations. It happens, the reality sinks in that she is young enough to be your daughter or he is old enough to be your dad. Before long, you are stressing about the large gap between your ages.

The thoughts of age differences come and go like a nagging headache. You would love to feel comfortable in this relationship, like you did with all the others when you started out, but you are finding it more and more difficult. How many times will you think, “When I was only this age, he was…” or “When she was only a baby, I was graduating from college…”? Don’t ignore those gut feelings. Some important differences are beginning to show and you will need to think about what makes you feel this way, address it, and if there is no resolve, consider moving on.

Sticking around with someone who you aren’t 100% convinced you want to commit to a long-term relationship will only conjure up feelings of resentment and thoughts like these: “Why did I ever get involved with him? What was I thinking when I slept with her? Who am I kidding, she is just too young! I could never see myself with him forever!”

When you least expect it, out slips something you wish you could take back. The next thing you know you find yourself or your partner is apologizing. However, insecure feelings have already arisen and there is nothing an apology can do. He or she will most likely worry over, “What did you really mean by that statement?” for a long time.

The best advice, when it comes to those age difference worries, is to take the time alone (without your partner, family or friends in your ear cheering your relationship or booing it.) Begin to start thinking long-term. The person you are dating has feelings and would very much like to know how you really feel about them. Tell the truth, because if you don’t, your actions (or lack thereof) will speak louder than words. Unfortunately, that’s when relationships problems really start showing up such as: the silent treatment, phone calls go unanswered, a partner starts dating others without officially breaking up, dates decline, arguments are more frequent, and lies increase.

Advice for the Older Dating Man

There are questions I believe for older men getting ready to date that sound a little like these! “Is it worth it?” “Do I have what it takes?” “Can I find a good woman who isn’t too dependent?” “Am I able to attract someone who I will want to marry?”

These are all good and relevant questions, and as advice for the older dating man, for us, they are all very important. We have usually worked now for the majority of our lives and like most older women, we have a lot to bring into a relationship that we could end up loosing. This is a world in whose moral fibers seem to be slipping into darkness.

At the same time technology has advanced to the point where we have more options at our finger tips for finding that elusive soul mate or trying our hand at a second or third marriage.

My advice for the older dating man is this; as a connoisseur in this arena and over fifty, it is to get to know your perspective mate. Is there any hurry? In some cases there may be, only to avoid temptations that would go against any spiritual beliefs. On this subject I can only say that faith is an essential additive in your progress. If the potential mate that you finally find is of your spiritual persuasion then you need to look for the spiritual fruit that only comes through maturity in the belief that you share. Even a mature Christian or whatever persuasion of faith that may be shared can fall into their own willful rut of relationship suicide. This is sometimes unavoidable. In these matters, the only advice I can give is to grasp a healthy and potent dose of forgiveness for the offensive person’s actions and heal thoroughly before trying again. For some, this seems to be an insurmountable task.

I want to address the questions posed above one at a time. A resounding, Yes, it is worth it! Man nor woman was not meant to be alone, nor to grow old without that intimate love and sharing that makes a person complete.

Do you have what it takes? Yes, all of us are of value, all of us have something to offer a potential spouse. We, no matter how ugly we may feel, we can be someone else’s dream husband. There’s an old adage that applies even to us men, and it goes like this, “one woman’s trash, is another woman’s treasure!” Of course it actually was, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” but that had to do with real trash! My advice for the older dating man is, remember what you’re made of!

What’s important is that we have to be able to accept ourselves, before we will be acceptable to our potential spouse. Men, it is imperative that we know who we are and where we have been. It’s important to know what you want and where you want to go! While competence and maturity is an essential part of our character, keep it from becoming pride and arrogance. Your relationship, if it even begins to evolve will fall flat on its face in the midst of those two negative attributes. Women want a man who is confident in himself, but mixed with enough humility to create a proper balance.

As advice for the older dating man, women need a caring and loving man; not a boastful, cunning, arrogant, idiot. By the time we reach that over the hill status in our life we need to have shed those childlike qualities that say- this man never grew out of adolescence!

Can you find a woman who is not too independent? That is a good question! There are a lot of women out there who although their lifestyle or actions may say, I don’t need a man, deep inside; they need us as much as we need them. We were made to be together and to be in love, and not any other way!

To answer the last question, we can be attractive in many ways. Women aren’t as concerned as much at an older age about external qualities as they are with the inner man. We need to be mature, consistent, have integrity in what we do, be honest and being able to be romantic is a very necessary ingredient. At an older age, vanity is not as prevalent and many women can see through the love handles, the pitted facial qualities, the saggy skin and the bifocal lenses to the heart of a sincere, honest, humble, and warm heart and embrace your other qualities as well. So my final advice for the older dating man is this; show them a man who is real and that will last through the rest of the senior years. Better grow old together than to grow old alone.

Aaron Baker

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Tips For Dating Older Men - How to Keep Them Interested

Women never know who they might run into in the dating world. There are all types of men out there - shy ones, talkative ones, shorter ones, and older ones. All men are different, thus they should be all be treated differently. This here is an list of tips for dating older men. Read on to find out how to behave when on a date with men who are years older than you are.

What To Wear
It is safe to assume that most men who are older than you are tend to be more mature in their way of thinking. Revealing or shirt dresses are outfits to avoid wearing when you go out with a much older man. Most tips for dating older men would advise you to wear conservative yet attractive clothes. Stay away from clothes with loud colors such as bright orange or yellow. A solid black or red, or a combination of both, makes a sophisticated and mature statement.

What To Talk About
As with all dating advice, tips for dating older men include the type of conversation you should be having. Keep the conversation interesting by swapping humorous stories, talking about movies, food, hobbies, and any light topic. Talk about things that you both care about. If he is into sports, ask him how he got into it. Give him tidbits of information about you. Most tips for dating older men would advise you to be careful not to talk too much about yourself, as that will seem very selfish and immature. Unless he is the first to bring it up, which is unlikely, do not talk about business or serious family matters on your first date.

How To Keep Him Interested
Mature, older men tend to have a lot of things on their mind all the time. To get inside his head, and maybe his heart, you have to keep him interested. One of the best tips tips for dating older men that you are ever going to get is to make him feel young again. An older man would greatly appreciate a young woman's fresh ideas and points of view.

Yap Shirley has been writing articles professionally, both online and offline, since 4 years ago. This author is not only writing in the subject of health, but also in dieting, fat loss, fitness and many other more.


Midlife Crisis, Depressed and Anxious, Do Something About It

Often portrayed in only humorous terms in popular culture, male midlife crisis has very real physical causes. Beginning around age 30, testosterone gradually decreases, and can lead to depression, decreased sex drive or erectile dysfunction. In addition, a corresponding increase in SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) impairs the body's ability to use testosterone.

As well, as men enter midlife, they sleep more lightly, spending less time in a state of deep sleep. This can lead to weight gain, fatigue and irritability because the body is unable to make enough of the hormones required for energy and optimal functioning.

Doing Something About Male Midlife Crisis

There are several steps you can take to improve your overall feeling of well-being and reduce the likelihood of related worries such as sexual dysfunction.

Managing stress will help you sleep easier, as well as reduce symptoms like irritability and fatigue. A daily B-complex vitamin can reduce stress, and minerals like selenium and chromium can boost energy.

Getting plenty of exercise not only has the obvious physical benefits, but it also encourages the quality deep sleep that is important for men undergoing the physical changes of midlife. You should also avoid stimulants like coffee several hours before bed.

Testosterone replacement therapy may also be an appropriate solution that helps mitigate the effects of male midlife.

How Is Testosterone Involved with Male Midlife Crisis?

A consistent finding in the scientific literature is that testosterone increase even by replacement therapy produces an increased feeling of well-being. Published studies show that low levels of free testosterone correlates with symptoms of depression and other psychological disorders.

According to Jonathan Wright, M.D., co-author of Maximize Your Vitality & Potency, the following effects have been reported in response to low free testosterone levels:

• Loss of ability to concentrate
• Moodiness and emotionality
• Touchiness and irritability
• Great timidity
• Feeling weak
• Inner unrest
• Memory failure
• Reduced intellectual agility
• Passive attitudes
• General tiredness
• Reduced interest in surroundings

Two major issues of a man in midlife crisis - depression and anxiety - are directly related to his current levels of bio-available free testosterone. Proper testosterone replacement therapy can deal effectively with much at the heart of midlife male depression by boosting the levels of bio-available testosterone in the body.

Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Right for Me?

The first step toward testosterone replacement therapy is a physical exam and a series of blood tests, including a PSA (protein-specific antigen) test, are ordered to measure testosterone levels. If testosterone levels are low, your physician can discuss the various treatment options. Many insurance companies cover the costs of andropause treatment, and male menopause treatment can often be purchased with a tax advantaged, flexible savings account.

Male hormone replacement therapy and testosterone replacement are effective, low testosterone treatment options for men with andropause. If you have any symptoms associated with andropause, such as low energy, irritability, hot flashes, abdominal weight gain, loss of muscle strength, loss of sex drive and the inability to maintain an erection, talk to your doctor. The sooner you speak with a physician and get checked for low testosterone levels, the sooner you can begin feeling like yourself again.

What to look for in a Male Hormone Replacement Therapy Provider:

1. Look for a male hormone replacement therapy program that is tailored to your specific and individualized needs.
2. Ensure your hormone program is under the supervision of a physician that is trained in hormone deficiencies in men.
3. Monitoring of your hormone levels. The original test for andropause should only be the first in a series of tests. You will want to have your blood tested periodically to ensure the current program is optimized for your individual needs.
4. Experience. Be sure the entity with whom you work has a solid track record. If they are trying to sell you hormones -- be careful. If they are telling you what they do and how it relates to you needs in an informational frame work -- be hopeful and encouraged.

Jim Michels is an expert on how to treat low testosterone and andropause symptoms. His company renewman.com focuses on male menopause and andropause and specializes in treating male menopause symptoms through male hormone replacement therapy, testosterone replacement and low testosterone treatment


She's Mature for 21...

"She's mature for 21..." That's what they all say, but in all actuality there are many differences that are not so "mature." Here are a few to keep your eyes wide open when you are dating someone 25 years and less.

1. The first argument.

You know you are dealing with an immature woman when she can't explain herself without crying, fighting and or threatening to hurt you in some way.

2. Money.

You always have to foot the bill whenever you go out while she is always saying, "I need..." She still has alot of growing up to do in the financial department, so if you aren't willing to carry or teach her then leave her alone.

3. Health ailments.

Whether you or she is having issues mentally and/or physically, remember she is young and has a lot of life that has yet to be untapped she may grow weary of caring for you (unless of course there are benefits.) On the other hand, you may not have a lot of life to care for someone if she is the ill one. So choose what you are willing to put up with before things get too deep between the two of you and then you or she wants to bail out when things turn for the worse.

4. Children.

She may not have any and you may have a few. What's the likelihood she will want children someday? Think: when you were in your early twenties you said many things you didn't want, but ended up having everything you didn't want. If you know for certain no more children for you, then protect yourself and don't trust that she will always remember to take her pill.

5. Exs.

Does she act different toward you when you have to pick up your children from their mother's home? Does she seem like she is annoyed when you talk about exs? Do you still remain friends with exs even though she has asked you not to? These are all real issues that cause long-term problems if you don't handle them from the start of the relationship. Be open about your relationship or lack thereof with exs when dealing with a younger woman.

6. Common sense.

Common sense unfortunately isn't too common even among the best of us, so with that said, never assume a younger woman who doesn't have as much experience in emotional/physical relationships as you will understand your needs and how to treat you.

7. Street smarts.

It is very easy to take advantage of a niave young woman who has been sheltered most of her life. If you consider yourself a "good man" do her and her family a favor, don't play games! You don't want to shake hands with her father knowing full well you aren't interested in being committed to his beloved daughter. You don't want to win mom over if you know you are having trouble shaking off the exs, balancing a checkbook, or keeping your apartment tidy. Meet the parents when you know you have your self together! One thing parents can see a mile away is a man who is street smart and they will advise their daughter against dating "the old player" especially if dad, uncles, and other men in the family have and are still playing around themselves.

In closing, remember don't play and you won't get played. These young women nowadays don't really need a man like previous generations; however, there are always those who will pretend like they do.

Nicholl McGuire


The Unavailable Man

“What goes around comes around,” so the old saying goes. During my twenties, single and childless days in the 90s, I was approached by many family men. They thought they had it going on with their young wardrobe and lingo. They wanted to show me, who at the time was a hip woman back in the day, what they knew about my generation. I wasn’t necessarily turned on by the gray hair, the age mark here and there, and what I would call the “old man” odor, but I was turned on by their success. I wanted to learn a thing or two from these men, but I definitely didn’t want to be responsible for breaking up anyone’s happy home. These married men were slick back then and so I hear, the game hasn’t changed much. Taking off their rings, silencing their pagers and offering to take me to places far away from the city these were just a few things I experienced with older married men, I was still young so I had yet to learn the game.

When I did catch on, I used the knowledge I had learned and put one married man to the test. This slickster used his sister to call me, because he was busy with his wife. I didn’t know he was married until that phone call. I told her about herself and him and warned her to tell him never to call me again. Had I pursued a relationship with this attractive guy who had a great salary to go along with him, I would have been considered a home-wrecker. One battle was won, but there were more tests that I would face as I got older. I admit I had my share of wins, but I also had some situations that were too close for comfort and as I said earlier, “What goes around comes around.” Later, I would be cheated on by someone I once loved.

Flirting is harmful. Talking to a married man on the phone periodically about things non-related to business is not okay. Sitting down in a restaurant after work hours discussing everything but business is playing with fire. I honestly believe that some single women need to associate their struggles with relationships now with what they did in their heyday. Think: Did you go out with married men? Did you have an intimate relationship with these men? Back then you may have thought that your youth will stay with you, now some of you reading this are older and don’t feel or look as attractive, but are still attracting older men. Some have become a little absent-minded about the past and never talked to God about it or asked for his forgiveness. I know some people don’t believe in curses, but I think some of us have put curses on our own lives by what we say and do.

We may tell someone how we are such a great person and we could never do wrong, but behind closed doors we are calling ourselves an idiot and saying why we will never have a good relationship or never have children. Reverse the curse, my sister! You could be blessed if you were willing to say and do the deeds that would make you feel good about yourself, rather than do things that hurt you and others. Is it really that important to you to keep an unavailable man in your life? Do you really think that what he promises you will be achieved? Will you be content with what you have to do to keep his gifts coming? Nothing in life comes for free there is always a give and take relationship somewhere. What are you willing to risk to get what you want?

I know of women as I type who have sold their souls to the devil. They will do just about anything to get ahead. They love the fact that they don’t have children because it’s just one less obstacle they have to jump over to achieve fame and fortune. While they are fighting for a place, position, and/or power, they are teaching young girls to do exactly the same things they are doing to get ahead. Their actions say, “Sleep with the boss. Shake your behind and the money will come. Tell this man everything he wants to hear. Keep your mouth shut with this one and you will have favor with him even if he is wrong. Go with this man and he will take care of you. Smile this way, dress that way, talk this way…Change your hair color, straighten your curly hair…” You name it, whatever the magazine, television, agent, doctor, even their mother says to make them look and feel sexy and desired by the public, they will do it all the while getting hurt in the end. At some point someone is going to see Jezebel’s (an evil woman in the Christian Bible) flaws and expose them to the world and there she is at home sitting on the floor crying, depressed, wondering why her life has become such a mess. When you keep feeding the world garbage they are going to want more and more and more until you are spent! Eventually they will be taking the garbage out and dumping it into a grave until they can find "the next best…" You fill in the blank.

I have witnessed unavailable men seek after available women like pimps looking for hoes, because it’s an ego boost for them. They can spot a desperate woman a mile away and they work out their plan before she even looks their way. He knows that if he says all the right things and she behaves herself, he can have his way with her. But when she doesn’t, depending on how rich and powerful he is, he may drop her, take what he gave her back (or in some cases he may get a gift or two like a disease) or worse attempt to kill her. A woman who acts like trash gets treated like trash. If the woman is a mother, she may be spared the games, because she has innocent children that don't need to be caught up in drama, but a child-free slut doesn’t stand a chance. She can’t excuse her disgraceful actions with, “I did it for my kids.” What kids? “I did it because of love.” What relationship? “I did it because I wanted to get ahead.” Really, then the public will label you as a hoe or a selfish b*tch, take your pick. Meanwhile thinking, "What else will this slut do for the mighty dollar?" There she is the single, relationship and child-free woman being escorted to someone’s basement, office, car, garage, woods, ready to be sacrificed like an animal. If she does what she is told, she gets what she is asking for, but most likely her master, I mean old man, is going to tell his friends about her. If she doesn’t do what they ask of her then she will be hurt emotionally and/or physically. But if she is a good little hoe, she just might get some more bills paid.

Nicholl McGuire, author of Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate.


What to Do When a Man is Withdrawn & Emotionally Cold! This is Ultra Important For You

Many men are emotionally unavailable. They have a lot of excuses just to get away from creating any emotional intimacy with a woman. This is really sad especially if his partner feels the other way around. So here are some things women can do if his partner is emotionally unavailable.

First is to check your own behavior. Maybe you are just too busy concentrating on all his negative attributes that you missed out your own actions. Maybe, it was you who has the real problem and he is just acting out to make you realize it.

Next is to give him space. Maybe he can no longer breathe because you are already suffocating him with your presence. Give him some time to go out and have fun with his friends. Do not call or send him any messages when he is out enjoying a day without you.

Third, do not try to control him. Men hate it when their girl is too possessive or bossy. Let him have a voice in your relationship.

Fourth, do not try to change him because it can only make matters worse. Instead try to act like you support him, but gradually instill to him what needs to be changed. They hate it when women tell their flaws, let them change on his own.

Fifth is to let them see how good it feels when someone is emotionally available. Never think of revenge and make him feel what he has done to you. Instead show him how to be emotionally stable, let him see the good in it.

Sixth, is to expose him to couples or people who have a very strong bond to each other. Let him see how happy they are just by being in love and emotionally available. This will make him think about it and sooner or later apply it on your relationship.

Lastly, do not give up on him too easily. Give him a chance, maybe in time he will see the beauty of a serious relationship and would be ready to try it out. Maybe time is all he needs to finally take your relationship to the next level. Patience is a virtue, and sometimes a better life awaits those who are patient enough.

When a man is emotionally unavailable it is best to find out what made him act like that. This way you will understand him better and would know how to deal with him.

By Russell Jackson

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The Power of the Engagement Ring

A young woman who doesn't have much experience dating older men will be easily taken for a ride by a conniving older man. If sex is all he wants then he will do what it takes to get it. Nowadays it doesn't take much since so many desperate women are in need of company and cash and will do almost anything to get it! However, what if the older man falls in love with the younger woman, he will want to take the relationship to the next level and a promise of marriage just might do it! Just like young men who are riding on "the break up to make up roller coaster" seeking a way to buy more time, the older man with a plan is no exception! He realizes the older he gets the more challenging it can become to get a younger woman of his dreams. He may have messed up with a younger woman already and knows that he is at risk of losing her forever, that is until he sets his eyes on an engagement ring.

Some men use jewelry like a mother using a pacifier to quiet a baby. "One look at that diamond," he thinks "and she will stick around a little while longer." Maybe she will or maybe she won't. These days there are many women buying their own jewelry without a man, so he will have to bring more than just a ring, watch, bracelet, necklace or a pair of earrings to the relationship. Yet, some older men will still try anyway to keep their younger women by their side with gifts. The engagement ring is the most powerful of them all, because it tells a woman one thing, he is committed -- ready to marry! Some men will try to lessen the weight of its significance by calling it a "promise ring" or saying, "we don't have to rush about getting married..." when he says these kinds of things after giving it to his younger woman then she should immediately think, "He's not serious. He just wants to keep me around." A man who is sold out on a woman whether young, old, rich or poor won't drag anything out -- he will even suggest a date of marriage! A seriously committed man will do everything he can to make himself and his loved one very happy!

Men who are still boys will play games. They will say things they don't really mean. Make excuses as to why they aren't ready for commitment. Make no sacrifices for anyone no matter how much loved ones cry, complain, or moan about him "never being around, more focused on his career, always messing with different women, hanging out with friends" etc. Men who are ready for a real commitment won't debate about things like exs since they are a thing of the past, why pornography offends her, why she feels like she can't trust him, or why she believes that the engagement ring is just another one of his tricks. True men also known as good men don't have these kinds of dramas in their relationships, but boys do!

Well with all this said, hope you will think wisely before getting or receiving an engagement ring.

Nicholl McGuire is the creator of this blog and tweets periodically on http://twitter.com/datingdramas


The Older Men Who Rather Keep Their Secrets in The Dark About Dating a Younger Woman

Being online I have come across my share of older men who don't like my revealing the player strategies that some will use, the weaknesses that they attempt to try to cover up, or the lies that some tell younger women just so they can get sex, have a companion that would be willing to care for them, and other reasons they don't want to share.

Everyone has a motive as to why they want to be with someone. Some have lists while others just go with the flow. But whatever the reason, an older man feels compelled to have a younger woman, it should be honest and true. If you want a trophy piece its better to say so, then for her to find out that you aren't interested in a committed relationship the hard way. If you seek a younger woman, because you desire to be a father, she should know that, some women simply don't want children not now or anytime in their lives. The more open young, old, rich or poor couples are with one another, the better the relationship!

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Nicholl McGuire is the creator of this blog and enjoys providing tips to young women about what to expect when dating an older man.


Younger Women Dating Older Men

It is a known fact that women, in general, are attracted to older men and will date men that are a few years older than themselves. If a woman is thirty, she'll probably date a man in his forties and so on. So what is it that draws women to these older guys?

Most women will admit that they want a strong man who can stand his own ground and be confident; and generally speaking, many women appreciate the maturity of an older man. It's no secret that the qualities that women are looking for in their future husbands are the same qualities that men slightly older than them display. Most women assume that older men are well trained at being a gentleman, are more civilized and more capable of providing for and supporting whoever they are with. They also feel older men have probably been married or at least have gone through a lot of different relationships, have learned how to treat a woman and how to give her what she wants and/or needs.

When it comes to dating younger men, many women feel that these guys still have a sense of immaturity about them and that they don't know what it means to really treat a woman. It's a well-known fact that women mature faster than men, and if a woman wants to date an older guy, it's probably because she's had her fill of the 23-year-old party animal who still believes he's invincible and can't even remember her name. Mature, younger women, who are no longer interested in dealing with the games and attitudes of younger guys appreciate an older man's life experiences and the fact that they're over many of the games they may have played in their younger years. Also, if a younger woman is ready to start a family, she feels older men might settle down sooner.

In the discussion of older men younger women dating, there are some women who will argue that older men only ask them out because they take longer to grow up and mature or only want a trophy girlfriend on their arm to boost their ego. Another argument to dating younger women is that older men miss out on meeting a mature, wise and appreciative woman their own age. While this may be true in some cases, in reality, most older men who date younger women do so because they feel that women younger than them have more energy, spontaneity and less dating baggage. They simply want to feel rejuvenated and youthful again and make their sex life more adventurous.

The real disadvantages to this type of relationship for an older man dating a younger woman is that there may be a difference in the energy levels between the two of them. The age difference can cause a big difference in interests such as music, social activities and morals. If an older man doesn't keep up with the younger woman or perhaps loses his financial stability and/or health, a gold digger might lose interest in him and leave him rather quickly.

Ultimately, older men dating younger women must be able to deal with the attitudes of others who stare, those who comment about the age difference, the negative attitudes of those who just disapprove, and the many other challenges they may be faced with. Older men younger women dating can be wonderful as long as both of you know what you are looking for and where you want to go with it before you get too involved.

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Five Signs He is a Good Guy But Boring

So you met yourself a nice guy who seems to be plenty of fun for now, but how do you know that his good time is nothing but a show? What if you discover later that this guy is nothing more than a grandpa type sitting back in his rocking chair snoozing? Here's what you need to do to determine if your future is going to be dead or alive with this nice guy.

1. Listen to him when he tells you what life was like for him before you came along.
Now most women want to hear from their new partner, "I was just going about my days watching TV and wishing for someone like you." However, that should actually be a turn off to you! Here's why. If he didn't have a life before you then he won't have much of a life with you either especially after the newness of your dating relationship wears off. If you are an active woman, you want an active man!

2. He is often looking to you to make plans on what to do for entertainment.
You may enjoy planning everything now, but what happens when money woes become an issue later and he expects you to not only plan the date, but pay for everything too? Looks like the two of you won't be getting out much.

3. Whenever you talk to him about going places, he finds fault with your suggestions. This will get old with anyone. No one likes to be rejected or criticized for every interest they like. This is not only a sign that you have someone who isn't much on trying new things, but he may also be the controlling type -- better start distancing yourself!

4. He can't enjoy life without you. This seems flattering in the beginning of the relationship, but as you become more comfortable with this person, you will want to do some things without him too. If he starts showing signs now of clingy behavior, imagine what that might be like if you commit to him for a life time!

5. His idea of a good time seems to always be staying home. This is a clear indication that you have a future couch potato boyfriend and an insecure one too! The relationship might work if you are just like him, but if you are not, woe to you! Don't settle with someone who is already panting on the first lap! "I'm too tired to go out...didn't we go out last weekend."

Now that you have five signs this guy may be a future bore for the active you, don't do anything stupid like marry him! There are nice, genuinely active guys out there who don't have to put on an act.

Nicholl McGuire has past experience dating older men and online dating. She penned a new book entitled, Laboring to Love Myself and she tweets @datingdramas on Twitter.


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When He Thinks You Are Dumb

The day will come when your intelligence will be tested young woman. He will come to you with a little bit of wisdom -- a question that just might leave you guessing. It's not that he is playing games with your head, at least not at this point, but he is trying to determine can you walk with him long term.

You see, young woman, no man wants a dumb blonde on his arm for a lifetime, so to those of you who are acting -- stop it! Let your intelligence show before its too late! Just like in school your teacher gives you a pop quiz to see if you were paying attention, the older man will do the same. Sometimes he doesn't know that is what he is doing until after he realizes he has been asking the kind of questions of you that will help him make a decision whether you are wife material.

The one major thing that separates the mature woman from the younger woman is life experience. The mature woman will underestimate the young woman because she falsely assumes that all are "babies, stupid, wet behind the ears, don't know any better, still young." However, the mature woman has a rude awakening when she realizes she is out of the running when a young woman steps up to the plate and shows her that she knows a thing or two about life too.

Part of stepping up to the plate is concentrating on your man. Studying him like you would a text book and knowing how to answer his questions when the time comes. Some of his questions may be about your interests, your hopes for the future, how you feel about him, where do you see yourself in five years with him (or without him) and how do you feel about his family. Depending on how serious you are in your commitment to him will determine how you answer his questions. If he is nothing more than a friend (someone you haven't slept with) then answer the questions selfishly, because you aren't interested in a future with him. But if you love this man and you can't eat, drink, or sleep without him, then be careful! You don't want to scare him off by preaching about me and not we.

Be smart young woman and you will go far! But act dumb and all you will be is nothing more than a toy for an older man!

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Laboring to Love Myself, Amazon.com http://laboringtoloveanabusivemate.blogspot.com


Younger Women Watch Out for Jealous Women in Mid-life

You chose to date your older man and you and he feel good about being together. However, there is one group of women who despise you! The older women going through a midlife crisis of their own!

You may have already noticed the negative attitude of these women. They roll their eyes, they say condescending comments like, "Aren't you cute? You are so young. Aww your still a baby! You are like a little sister to me." No matter how nice they say these little statements, these women are insecure with your youth and God bless you if you are beautiful because no matter what you do, some of these women will find fault with you!

There is something that arises in us when the presence of a beautiful woman or handsome man walks into a room. We may adjust our clothing, look at ourselves in the mirror just a little longer, add just a tadbit more make up, or toss our hair just a little bit more. Some of us just don't know how to behave around nice-looking people especially insecure women!

You are a light in that older man's eyes and you are also a dagger to those women in his family and those he has befriended who are insecure. Therefore, knowing this, be careful what you say to these women. Avoid talking about your man negatively to them. And most of all, when you are being disrespected by them, communicate that to your man. Some older men will not tolerate such foolishness, others will defend their family and friends or find excuses for them. The latter action is sad and unfortunately may make matters worse in your relationship. Both of you need to be in support of one another especially when their are jealous women in the midst.

It may be hard for him to realize his beloved sister or best friend is actually an un-supportive, jealous, insecure (you fill in the blank) and even if he doesn't believe it now, what is in darkness will come to light! If you believe in a greater power do the following: pray about your relationship, how you deal with matters as they arise, and believe that God will make your enemies your footstool!

Be encouraged!

Nicholl McGuire is the creator of this blog and the author of Laboring to Love Myself and Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate located at Amazon.com.

Younger Women Dating Older Men - Why May-December Relationships Are Doing So Well These Days

Women in their 20s are becoming very frustrated these days about the current dating scene and there are many reasons for this. One reason is men in their 20s have become very immature compared to how they used to be 20 to 50 years ago. Back then, men were not only more romantic but also concentrated their efforts on courting one woman. For instance, the men used to walk up to a woman's doorstep with a nice bouquet of roses in one hand and chocolates and the other. Don't get me wrong, I'm not focusing on material gifts here, but more so on the effort that man used to give when they were interested in a woman. These days young men just skip the roses and focus all of their efforts into trying to get women in bed. They don't want a relationship, and all they care for is to try to get as much short-term pleasure out of these dates as possible. In other words, men in this age group have become very shallow and self-serving.

Younger women dating older men find that these men are much more mature than the younger guys and know how to treat a lady right. Right off the bat older men are much more caring and communicative on the date. They will start by asking a woman to tell them anything about herself. They want to know what her goals and dreams are, and they will be attentive enough to try to help in any way they can. If you ask any young woman, they will say that communication is the key to keeping a relationship strong. Older men understand this also because they have already been through their immature and selfish years and truly understand how special a monogamous relationship really is.

In a May-December relationship the older man not only can keep up with the younger women in bed, but can also hold his own as far as doing the chores around the house, paying bills and taking care of children. Not only are these kinds of relationships on the rise, but they will be here to stay for a long time.

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By Bob Randooke


Barely Legal - Older Guys Dating Teenagers?

Are you an NBA fan? If you watched the playoffs, then no doubt you saw the T-Mobile commercial where Charles Barkley is constantly calling D-Wade. Hilarious stuff, particularly when Chuck inanely spouts, "That's why I don'teat shrimp."

Well, despite all the marketing hype in the Seduction Community about pulling the youngest hotties possible (especially if you're an older guy), that's pretty much how I feel about dating eighteen or nineteen year old girls, even if they are "legal".

And for those of you who might be assuming that this is all a function of my current age, I've pretty much viewed the universe this way since I was 21, with a few scattered exceptions

Not coincidentally, you see, at 21 years of age is when a guy in the United States (like me) can finally order a beer.

It's not that the younger girls aren't often really, really hot...you and I both know they are.

The deal is that they're unnecessary.

As I see it, I can find a woman who is at least 21 who looks every bit as intriguing as any 18 or 19 year old. And then, I can take her A-N-Y-W-H-E-R-E I want.

Otherwise, her restrictions become my restrictions. And I've been through with being relegated to "Teen Night" at the local club for over twenty years now.

Think of it...they are teenagers, after all.

They are barely through high school, let alone college. This means that there has not yet been any chance to cultivate the necessary level of independence and maturity that most older guys invariably demand.

Now if you're 30 and still living in your Mommy's basements, all bets are off. Disregard the previous statement.

But otherwise, my educated guess is that most guys of any advanced age beyond 21 probably only THINK they want "barely legal" girls in their rotation.

By using the word "rotation" above, I'm telegraphing the raw fact that I'm too squeamish to think that any older guy out there is seriously talking about making a teenager his steady girlfriend.

In fact, here it is: I really think that the vast majority of guys who think they want to date teenage girls are in that frame because they can't get them.

Simply put, the fantasy is clearly better than the reality.

Beyond the matter of social restrictions and maturity level, there are yet two other factors that are arguably even more significant.

First, if you are at all interested in any kind of long-term relationship with a woman, dealing with a teenager is the proverbial "box of chocolates".

How many teenage couples do you know who have broken up by age...oh...21, because the "grew apart". With real-life experience comes real change in priorities and even personality itself.

Further, how do you know your 19-year-old girlfriend is going to look great at 30?

You don't.

Recently I was interviewed for an upcoming product for older guys on how to date younger women. The guys producing it are well-known, but I hadn't yet had the chance to meet them when they approached me.

Suffice it to say they got a unique perspective.

Ultimately, I'd much rather find a woman closer to my own age who still gets carded. That way, you get the hot, sexy little vixen of your dreams...all with the added benefits of social commonality, emotional maturity (we hope) and the blessed assurance that this woman will most likely continue to age well.

Apart from online dating, where everyone's stats are pinned to their respective profiles, the main challenge to me always boiled down to actually identifying the kind of women I'm talking about.

After all, we don't walk around with a cartoon bubble full of stats over our heads in real life.

But my very real, "field-tested" premise is that there are women around us wherever we go that look and seem far, far younger than their age.

Humorously, most such women I've met report that they get hit on mostly by guys many years their junior, who are shocked to find out their real age. Meanwhile, these same women are flat-out craving to be approached by guys their own age, who are largely assuming they are "too young".

The ironies abound, don't they?

So what of this?

You've just got to have the guts to meet them and find out, that's what. The problem is that "approaching" equals "pickup" to virtually every guy out there.

Meanwhile, if I'm friendly and start an unloaded conversation with even the fresh-faced girl behind the check out counter at the grocery store, I may find out she's actually 28. But this will only happen if I can get outside my own head, drop the "agendas" and stop seeing every single interaction with any woman as "pickup".

Oh yeah, I mentioned there were two other important factors, didn't I?

How's this...how do you really know your "18 year old" is 18? If it takes the potential of handcuffs and iron bars to make the point, so be it. You don't want to be the guy who finds out his new girlfriend is only 16 or 17 after the law says it's too late.

By the way, don't count on meeting her parents as proof of age. A shocking number of them are more than happy to help her "protect" you from the truth.

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